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  1. Instead of 21hrs 30mins why not try it at 9hrs 30mins? This would be 180 degrees and on the opposite side but still pointing in the right direction. Hope that helps!
  2. I thought the same just poked my head out to be greeted with torrential rain! LOL
  3. Try changing the 13hr to 1hr (12 hour clock) Thats what i do and it always works out fine for me, for example, M101 is 14hr 03min i do 2hr 03min and its spot on
  4. Wow im watching this with Intrigue, by no means am i a spooky dooky or else "A beliber!" but, yeah bit of a weird one this!
  5. Looking good QM Ive found a bit of a love for galaxies recently! And the atenna looks a very worthy target to have a go at! Easy to find? What are the vital stats on the images?
  6. As a rule i check http://www.sat24.com/en/gb quite often as it gives a good forecast on cloud coverage, and i think that for most of UK/Ireland we're clouded in this evening well at least until early hours!
  7. Hi Glenn i dont have PEC at all, its just a dual axis kit for the EQ5 Many thanks for your suggestions, i think it may just be that im at the limits of the drives and my PA. Im sure i could get it better with practice and more patience with drift aligning, im awaiting a GOTO upgrade coming end of month, so think ill perfect it then In the meantime, i have a scope and can take reasonable images so im happy! Thanks again for your time Glen
  8. Hi Glen, thanks for the suggestion! Will make sure i have more weight on the east side in future! Im sure it'll help, ive read that else where but never thought it would make that much difference!
  9. Why dont you remove the lens out of the barlow? Then it just acts as an extension tube..... As an alternative to the Megrez why not look @ http://www.firstlightoptics.com/william-optics/william-optics-zenithstar-zs70-2012.html
  10. Dont get too obsessed, i check them 20+ times a day and it does you no favours, only to be dissapointed in the end. Best forecast you can ever have is to stick ya 'ead window! lol
  11. Completely forgot Solar observing, something i think ill be trying my hand at this summer to be honest
  12. Wind Map - Britain Observations Weather Eastbourne - meteoblue BBC Weather theweatheroutlook.co.uk Metcheck.com - UK Weather Forecasts - Live Data - Long Range Weather Forecasts Weather and climate change - Met Office They'll give you a forecast for cloud coverage, also use Weather Europe, Satellite Weather Europe, Weather Forecast, Rainfall, Clouds, Sun in Europe - Source: SAT24.com for recent satellite images of cloud cover and make your own deduction from that. A lot of weather sites have an Astronomy Forecast
  13. LOL i had the same thing last night, setup took me about an hour before i started to image, took 1 image, then the clouds set in. Same the night before, but ended up going back out later in the night as it did eventually clear (thursday night i think) Its all a bit of 'pot luck' specially this time of year with April showers etc. As far as altering your life style goes, just remember, you cant do astronomy in the day time...lol Hope that helps somewhat!
  14. Hey guys, ive got my PA as best as i can, and noticed that my images now 'track' in a zig zag pattern. I get slightly eggy stars @ 60sec but noticed that the "eggs" zig zag, ie. Egg north, then egg south, then north, then south.... (Not sure if it is actually north, but you get the idea) Is this mount related? Or PA related would you think? Any input would be great.....oh and on a side note, probably 2/5 are NOT egg shaped stars, the 2 out of 5 are round stars, nice and crisp. Thanks
  15. Clear as a whistle here in the midlands, albeit a little windy....
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