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  1. This is now implemented and will be available in the next version. I also make the "Manual focus aid" to work with sharpness measurement: https://www.ap-i.net/ccdciel/en/documentation/star_profile
  2. MPC comet file for every software was stuck at the June 15 version for a long time because of a problem with their server. During this time some wrong elements where posted for a short time. This is fixed since November 20, so everyone must be sure to reload a new comet file in every software. For CdC I have switched the default comet download to http://astro.vanbuitenen.nl/ , Gideon take the work to update it's file during the MPC down time and it has the advantage to include better magnitude from current observation.
  3. Yes, for the last libraw.so.19 there is incompatibility between 19.2 and 19.5, and with the last snapshot with .CR3 support that is also named libraw 19. Patrick
  4. Hi Radek, The problem with LibRaw is the API interface change continually, so a program compiled with one version do not work on another system with another version of LibRaw. My interface library with LibRaw is in this case. For Ubuntu I have setup a PPA at https://launchpad.net/~pch/+archive/ubuntu/ppa-skychart but this is not compatible with Raspbian, this is why you need to compile this library. The instruction in the readme must now work without problem, but tell me if you think something need clarification: https://github.com/pchev/libpasastro/blob/master/README.md Patrick
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