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  1. Oh yes, they have meetings in Uxbridge which I am looking into. I think they are the ones organising the Ruislip Lido events twice a year.
  2. Yes, thanks for that info
  3. Thanks for the welcome guys. Based in Ruislip...I hear there are some stargazing group events happening at Ruislip Lido so will look into that.
  4. Yes, one day I will probably do the same when I retire
  5. Hi Phillip, really? I was planning to get the Celestron or Skywatcher. Mainly will be for terrestrial but occasional spotting
  6. Thanks guys, and yes, I dont plan on new accessories as yet, but would just like to get a 45 degree prism to get me started ;). Not too keen on the 90 degree flipped version...lol
  7. I've always been an avid stargazer and interested in various astronomical encounters. It's been a long time coming but I finally bought my first scope after doing some research. It's a Mak 90/1250 cassegrain with standard 10mm and 25mm optics and a 90 degree diagonal which I found at a budget price. I've also ordered an Orion shorty 2x Barlow lens but I'm after a 45 degree erecting prism, so would love some 1.25" suggestions. This set up is primarily going to be used for simple stargazing but will think about a serious scope with a goto mount in later life as I plan to do some astro photograp
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