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  1. Hi guys, I am relatively new to astronomy and would greatly appreciate some advice on how to get the most out of my new telescope (Celestron NexStar SE4). Specifically, some advice would be great on: 1) What objects are best to see with this scope other than planets? I really like looking at planets but I have studied them a lot before so I want to know some good deep sky objects suitable with this scope. A list of exciting objects suitable for this scope other than planets would be really helpful. 2) The best mid-high range eyepieces to use. I already have a cheap reflector telescope with a cheap 1.25" plossl 20mm, 10mm and x2 Barlow. I purchased an additional mid-range eyepiece for viewing planets with this scope which is a 5mm BST StarGuider 60 degrees which is good and I will use this with my new Celestron. Since I have a fairly decent short eyepiece what other mid-high range eyepieces would you guys recommend with this scope? After doing a lot of research around the forums here people have said the following seem to be good: 14mm Meade 5000 UWA (£100 cheapest in UK) 14mm Explore Scientific (£128 cheapest in UK) What would these offer with my scope over the cheap plossl ones? Also I have read on these forums that going above 14mm (i.e. entering the 2" range) is not good with Celestron's as the adaptor gets in the way and the benefits are circumvented by the design of these compound scopes. Is that right? Is there a reason why cheap plossl eyepieces go up to 20mm + for 1.25" whilst more expensive lenses stop at 14mm for 1.25"? Sorry for so many questions, Thanks for any advice given!
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