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  1. The forum seems to have no problem with the word GIMP though, which has other meanings then the one we know! Big improvement in the image, by the way. Did you get some flats and biases in there yet? Some of our local astro soc members helped me understand and shoot some flats and the difference was immediate and enormous. I also tried some bias frames (easy to shoot) but the difference wasn't as great as adding some flats into my DSS stacks. Good luck!
  2. Hi again Nick. Do you have similar lists for close doubles for each month? I found your list for March most useful. Best wishes from Dark Sky Dorset! Mark
  3. Thanks for this list, Nick. I'm working through it with my 12-inch Made LX200. Last night I easily split OΣ 215 in my Hyperflex zoom eyepiece at x113 but very nice at x338. Last night's winner was Σ 1555 in Leo, beautifully split with my Meade MA 6mm at x507, as well as in the zoom at 9mm, (X338). It helps that the two stars are very similar in brightness and colour.
  4. Isn't this M101, not M51 though? Great image though.
  5. This works for the downloaded version but not the online version. Any idea how to flip the view on the web version?
  6. I mean the gearbox inside the housing which takes the mains-driven motor drive and translates it to a sidereal rate. One of the gears inside has broken and it will be longer turn the clutch and therefore the telescope. I need the new motor, seen here in the picture
  7. I know that this thread is a decade old now, but I wonder if anyone here has a spare TAL-2 drive assembly available, or know where I can get one? I have recently acquired a(nother) TAL-2 6-inch Newt serial number 0004! It's in good working order, apart from the drive motor isn't working. To be more accurate, the motor is turned but the gearbox isn't turning the final output drive. I can see that the last cog has been turned in to moulding and has broken. I will try to repair it if possible but I suspect it's getting a bit brittle and long in the tooth. Does anyone has one spare o
  8. Hi all Does anyone know where I can get hold of a working TAL-2 drive motor? I have two TAL-2s but only one of them have a servicable drive motor. I'd love to get my hands on another one. Any advice or info most gratefully received. Mark,
  9. Hi there knowledgable people. I am trying to find a solution to a balancing problem with my TAL-2 eq mount. As I’m adding more weight to the scope, I need to move the counterweight further up/down the dec axis, but can I do it? Can I hellaslike!! Before I bought the telescope, the mount had been outside I suspect, and I cannot move the counterweight at all. Does anyone know how to do this? See pictures One end of the shaft screws into the dec axis with a collar; the other end looks like it should detach from the weight with a similar collar, but no amount of twi
  10. Well thanks for your comments. I’m fairly new to the Lounge and haven’t figured what’s where yet. I searched the net for info on my trusty JKMH and the thread by NAZARI appeared! Just goes to show that what you say online will never ever go away, it seems! Thanks for your thoughts Cheers
  11. Naz, could you please scan and send me any of the documentation you have for your JKMH? I would really appreciate something to sit alongside mine, bought and first used by me (according to my astronomy log book, on 11 Aug 1967.
  12. FOR SALE - My trusty old Celestron NexStar 11 GPS 280mm/11-inch is for sale. Purchased in the USA in 2002 it has served me well. The optics are in perfect order, with two eyepieces and the star diagonal. The tripod is complete and in perfect order. Sadly, the hand controller will no longer drive the mount across the sky. This appears to be only a software issue. I have tried Celestron UK but they cannot fix it, therefore I am selling this beauty "as-is" to any enthusiast who could either defork it and use the optics on a separate equatorial mount and/or use the telescope with manual driv
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