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  1. This is my firts test lights with 130pds. Picture are not perfect, stars not super round and there is a coma at the edges but im very happy . 33 min exposure taken from my red/white zone balcony- double cluster in perseus
  2. Thanks for reply, i order 50/190 guide scope and that is last puzzle in my setup. Waiting for clear skies!
  3. Hi 130 pds owners i have mini guide scope 30mm 132 FL with asi 120 mini mono camera. It will be enough for guiding this little beast or i should buy somenthing bigger? Enyone trying to guide 130pds with mini guide scope?
  4. Last question- can i put this tube to celestron avx? Will handle it for ap well?
  5. What guide scope will be better- 50/190 or 60/240? My camera is asi120mm mini (3.75 pixel size).
  6. My scope finally arrived. But there is something strange- a piece of cork washer under the mirror. Is that normal? I send back scope to the seller...
  7. Ok, so only t2 to eos adapter? I have one, now time to click buy (black friday price) thanks
  8. Hi everyone, I want to buy this scope with baader mpc coma corrector. I have canon 1300d dslr. Can anyone text me (or give links) what accesories/ adapters i need ?
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