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  1. HI Bryan, Pointing the scope North is a reference to PA. Typically when setting up the equatorial mount both the mount and the scope are facing the same way- north. Equatorial mounts already point North by design so you just need to be careful about the direction you first set it (tripod) up in to rough it in (compass helps). When most folks are done or start up their scope it is in a 'parked' position. Parked (or home) is an expression used to infer that the scope AND the mount are each facing the same way- North. You are star-hopping so if your scope (and mount) are roughly pointing North then it is rough enough to be somewhat aligned. From that point on "most" of your adjustments with your hand knobs should mainly be RA. This is the result of what was meant in stating pointing North- only a RA adjustment would be needed to follow your object. After you have done that, roughly north, you are free to use Dec as much or little as you want for viewing other objects. new item- The next moon cycle you can use your RDF on it to try and align it or in the evenings point it at a distant street light and align. Star hopping is easier *if* you have a known target to move FROM. Usually you would move just a few degrees at a time. Perhaps just the distance in your viewing scope. Start out doing that and then move 2 times on your next attempt. Then try to go back to the original point to see how close you are at doing that. Some forums here have permanent notes in them that are really good information to read over especially when you are new to this wonderful hobby. Clear skies
  2. Another option might be to get the BOOK "magic lantern"- they are well written on specific model cameras delving into more detail of the manual than included in the manual. HTH
  3. Just finished building this and I'm quite happy with this solid build. Thanks so much for sharing.. I did build the footrest but at 6'2" I don't use or need it
  4. Some of the charts links are again out-of-date, if I may- https://freestarcharts.com/messier http://astro-tom.com/messier/messier_finder_charts/messier_maps.htm http://www.star-shine.ch/astro/messiercharts/messierTelrad.htm
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