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  1. HI Bryan, Pointing the scope North is a reference to PA. Typically when setting up the equatorial mount both the mount and the scope are facing the same way- north. Equatorial mounts already point North by design so you just need to be careful about the direction you first set it (tripod) up in to rough it in (compass helps). When most folks are done or start up their scope it is in a 'parked' position. Parked (or home) is an expression used to infer that the scope AND the mount are each facing the same way- North. You are star-hopping so if your scope (and mount) are roughly pointing Nort
  2. Another option might be to get the BOOK "magic lantern"- they are well written on specific model cameras delving into more detail of the manual than included in the manual. HTH
  3. Just finished building this and I'm quite happy with this solid build. Thanks so much for sharing.. I did build the footrest but at 6'2" I don't use or need it
  4. Some of the charts links are again out-of-date, if I may- https://freestarcharts.com/messier http://astro-tom.com/messier/messier_finder_charts/messier_maps.htm http://www.star-shine.ch/astro/messiercharts/messierTelrad.htm
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