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  1. Thanks Danny for your advise mate. I’ve just been offered a straight swap. My sw250p for sw eq6pro with a cheap 120m 1200mm. I’m tempted as I like the mount the scope I can improve on as I too improve. Do you feel it’s a good deal or not?
  2. Thanks for the reply, guess I was falling for the bigger is better idea. I’ve just been offered a swap For my sw250p for eq6 pro plus 120mm 1200mm £300 scope. Do you think it’s a good deal? 

    1. Burt8


      Cheers for th bud

  3. I say switch, can’t bear to part with me sw 250p what I meant was add a refractor as AP excites me. my dob as much as I love it’s ease of use has a manual motor drive , but lacks the ability to track. I understand what you say about a mount. I’m I right to be thinking th the mount is as vital as optic quality of the scope th sits on it? I’m lucky to have access to funds now and then but not enough to spend it unwisely. Learning to track and the many intricatacies of pic taking itself will take some time so is it better to focus on the mount for now? Really after some advise and guidance. I’ve read up on AP and leaning towards the sw eq6 pro to start. with the view to keeping it long term. As for the scope, well I know there is heaps to learn so even a cheaper one will do. As I’m aware it’s gonna take a lot of practice to get anything near the good pics I want to capture. So any advise you guys can give on mounts and scopes for AP would be very gratefully received.
  4. Thinking of switching fr a dob 10” to a refractor 6”. What will be the main pros and cons ?
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