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  1. Henkoss

    Hello :-)

    Thanks for your answer indeed , it is what it is , and I have seen a lot of nice pictures Made with a small budget for so i Will do my best
  2. Henkoss

    Hello :-)

    Hi Carole , thanks for the answer that is the tracker I bought and received last week cloudy as it is there was no chance to practice ! The weight is the limit with the tracker because I wanted to take pictures with the Nikon d500 with the sigma150-600 but thats a way to heavy as they say ! So with the 80-200 it must me possible so on the cropcamera I have 300 mm and even another 1,4 Crop for 375 mm .
  3. Henkoss

    Hello :-)

    Hello all , i am new here and space is so nice to ! Years ago I bought a little telescope but I did not do much with it i like photographing and bought a skytracker (MSM) so I hope to make Some nice pictures. But when I see pictures made with the telephone than I think ..... So I also wonder how expensive a startersset is for this way of photography Regards , Henk
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