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  1. Also if your brave enough to take your telescope apart you can flock it inside this will stop stray light and give better contrast
  2. I would not recommended holding the filter up to the sun to check for pin holes , you only have one set of eyes, when I use my Kendrick filter on the Orion optics VX8L the view is amazing and really sharp like STU said , I even got same nice photos on my phone , the only difference is I don't use IR/UV filter on the VX8L But use them on the refractor with the wedge , Now the strange thing is visual is great with the wedge but photos not as good ???
  3. Hi I was out today and 2 Sun spots between 6 and 7 o'clock on the surface Download space weather live app this will tell how many Sun spots and were to look , I did find focus was very sensitive today
  4. There's is NO OCD in white light , it means your aware of the dangers and keep checking so you know it's right , when I set up the VX8L I polar align the mount the fit scope in the home position, then check finder scope has its covers on , the solar filter I check for pin holes I give it a good look over on both sides I then fit it and test it can't come off , I then goto the sun I use the shadow to get it as close as possible then move to the solar finder to line up 100% that's it really Take special take of the solar filter always store in its case Enjoy the bright side of this hobby last week we had 26 Sun spots and they changed about 4 times in 2 hours
  5. Hi I have been solar viewing with my VX8L with a Kendrick filter fitted I made a solar finder from an old eyepiece case works well I also use my 127 refractor with a Lacerta wedge they both give a nice image the advice from the guys is spot on , I always double check everything can't be to careful doing white light a good app to have is space weather live this will give you heads up on Sun spots etc
  6. Happy birthday mate great cake , mine was in Jan my lovely lady made one with all the planets on cake don't last long enough for a photo lol
  7. Neil H


    Hi welcome to a big friendly family
  8. Been there Dan you can start learning the night sky now get stellariaum on your phone look at the bright stars in the sky stellariaum will tell you what they are and 99% of the time these are the stars used to align a goto scope so your be a bit more ready for when you do get your scope
  9. Hi Dan I had a manual scope for less than a month before I went to a sky watcher goto , I know enough to get set up right with polar alignment and 3 star alignment , I check what stars are about for alignment with stellariaum on my mobile , your learning all the time in this hobby so it's been a year I find it second nature as I have only used sky watcher I have not really found it a problem, if it misses targets I now know how to do PAE clear and PAE training which gets it back on target , also wookie 1965 best mate gives me help if I get stuck It's a learning curve that can be very steep but there is loads of help out here , so to hit the nail on the head, goto has really helped me get to know more about the night sky targets I also went second-hand so my sky watcher HEQ5 pro and Orion optics VX8L only cost me £600 not £1500 so may be that away to go , it's nice to have new but you could get lots for your money second-hand
  10. Hi I have the HEQ5 after I do a 3 star alignment I go to an easy target of its off I clear PAE it's in the utility section after its cleared go to PAE training align the target and press enter now go to another target do the same thing as before after you should find it's better hitting targets
  11. Hi I use space weather live app on my phone it will tell you how many Sun spots your see and were to look there is loads of info and the app is free , enjoy the bright side of this hobby
  12. It's always been the way if you have money you can do what you like , I know FLO do a cloud gun we need a satellite gun a really big one
  13. Hi I have the HEQ5pro and what I found is clear PAE do the 3 star alignment now go for an easy target once the mount tells you it's on target take a look if it's off press esc then utility find PAE training press enter it will ask you centre target once on target then press enter now go to another target and repeat PAE training , Now you should find it will be on target , I don't know why the mount over time starts to miss targets but PAE training will get it back Next time you polar align you stars should be very close but getting polar alignment as close as possible it does help
  14. I don't have a dob but have an Orion Optic VX8L and wanted it a little higher in the mount so used flat stick on car wheel weights a big box of them is cheap on ebay they may work for you as well
  15. Hi on Astro buy and sale there is a guy selling off some magnetic Orion counter weights with handles they were made to balance dobs https://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/propview.php?view=170944
  16. Does it not change resistance to the Dec so easy or less easy to move
  17. I asked the same last year , it the F number tells you the speed F6 and lower are fast scopes draw in more light quickly F9 to F6 medium to fast F9 and above F15 are slow , there is a lot more to it but that's basic was told for a really fast scope you need fast eyepiece or the image is poor at the edge of FOV . I hope that's right but some one tell you better than I can You're I think is F11
  18. I use a bahtinov mask then you 100% focused they say it don't work on planets but I tried it Mars and did get focus pattern https://www.firstlightoptics.com/bahtinov-focus-masks/starsharp-bahtinov-focus-masks.html Or you can download a free one and make it your self
  19. Yes that's what I thought it was , So how does it work ?? In lay man language please
  20. E bay does it and I think I saw it on Amazon called cubed foam
  21. Paul good list but how did the tal Barlow do
  22. Nigella I have a question when I look at the photo of your Lunt solar scope what is the round part that's at the side just before the focused it sits 90degs to the tube ???
  23. I love my HEQ5 used with 200/1200 and with extension 127/1200 refractor
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