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  1. Hi Warthog sorry to hear you been ill, hope you feel better now 

  2. Hi I didn't throw away i kept it , I can't wait for a clear night so I can use it , just need to work out where to look in the sky i need an idiot guide
  3. Hi I think the mount was twisted this telescope was abused even tho it was sold to me as never used . It would not stay mounted tight just keeps moving and was about 4degs out , this is why I replaced it , as I am new at this i am going to find it hard enough to line up on stars without the added problem of the sight out
  4. Hi all well I popped over to Tring Astronomy he had lots i could not afford lol , and a few i could he recommended the Celestron star pointer pro , well it fits well and took less than 2 mins to set up , he said it had less of a dew problem as lens is shielded, I will use this for now and when I upgrade telescope i will also upgrade scope
  5. I was looking as mine is a cheap telescope didn't want to spend loads just in case I don't get bitten by the bug , if I do get bitten by the bug i Will up grade everything
  6. Hi guys is the Baader 30mm sky suffer 111 any good has a 5 star review i found it on FLO site The shop at Tring has one i may pop down and take a look
  7. That's very true I had to stick with tape due to the finger screws keep coming loose. I don't like the image being inverted and it's a very narrow field of view so was going to change it any way . I will tape the new one on till I know it's in the right place before I mount it for good
  8. Thanks again guys i will get the rigal quickfinder it will fit the telescope better Hi Joe no my friend you didn't upset me , you Guys and Gals on here know what your talking about and I am glad you all don't beat around the Bush and tell it straight ,so thanks for that Neil
  9. Hi Dan I am new too , great Guys and Gals on here they have helped me a lot , I picked up a Celestron powerseeker 114EQ for £45 , I have all was loved the stars i queued for 2 hours to look at Hailleys comet at Eton observatory it's taken me years to get a telescope but done it at last Neil
  10. Thanks guys I did look at this one , if it's good that's worth a second look
  11. I found a telrad it's big but got top reviews or the Celestron starpointer German import, but don't think it's as good as the telrad it's just the size of the telrad it's big but the powerseeker is not tiny https://www.amazon.co.uk/Telrad-Red-Dot-Finder/dp/B0039ZVJSU/ref=sr_1_11?crid=3USZPGABDW7MK&keywords=telescope+red+dot+finder&qid=1575140475&sprefix=Telescope+red+dot%2Caps%2C160&sr=8-11 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Celestron-StarPointer-Finder-Adaptors-German/dp/B002HMN02O/ref=sr_1_7?crid=3USZPGABDW7MK&keywords=telescope+red+dot+finder&qid=1575140475&sprefix=Telescope+red+dot%2Caps%2C160&sr=8-7
  12. Hi yes it does height is ok cross hairs at the right height for target it's the left to right that's not good it's out and can't get it over enough
  13. Hi all , ok your right the spotter scope on the Celestron powerseeker is rubbish , I lined the telescope up then went to adjust the spotter scope and the image is upside down to start but the best is about 4 mm to the side of what the telescope is lined up on Now does sliding the scope in or out more on its mount change the amount of left to right movement the scope has so I can get it over by 4mm so it lines up , just for now I will get a red dot scope soon it's top of my list
  14. Hi thanks for the advice I have been looking at the second-hand market , been stung on the telescope so hope not to be on anything else
  15. Hi I just looked at the kit it's for a non standard thread I think mine is standard thread but I get the idea of what to look for thanks
  16. Hi guys thanks I was looking at an upgrade scope with red dot so will put it on the list to do As for the slow motion cables they only do a kit of 2 for £20 the motor is only £42 so not much more as my wife is using this as well a motor will make it easier for her, most of the time I use the scope i will be some where with no mains power the Celestron motor is battery so is a plus We are both starting out on this hobby so didn't want to spend loads out just yet on top of the range stuff once we get into it more then we can do a major upgrade
  17. Hi everyone , I have the Celestron powerseeker 114EQ now I have replaced the missing 4mm eyepiece i also have a 20mm eyepiece and a Barlow eyepiece which is x3 I am planning on getting , moon filter , a red and a blue filter as one of the slow motion cables is missing I will get a motor for tracking , am I better off getting a more powerful Barlow with some more eyepieces if yes what ones ? Kind regards Neil
  18. Hi guys thanks I will clean it first and see what's like after , off to YouTube now
  19. I was trying to buy a 130 astromaster but seller didn't want to talk to me any way he didn't sell it so relisted I think this one will do for now and I will get a better one once I know more about this hobby I scared the wife when she saw some at £5000 When I get it set up next i will take some photos so you can see what I have
  20. Hi another question I have an EQ mount that feels stiff , now would you use a very light grease on it I have large RC Helicopters and use a super light grease on them i also have dry lube which dry to touch but lubes the joints which i could use . Or do I leave it alone
  21. Thanks for the warm welcome i now have star safari on my phone and stellarium on my pc new 4mm eyepiece comes today but weather is not good I still need to set up spotter scope to line up with telescope but need a long distance fixed target i read it needs to be about 800 metres
  22. Thanks guys and Gals i will sort that software out . I am lucky I have a static caravan next to a fishing lake so at night it's really dark no lights within 3 miles so the telescope will live there in the summer and at Home in the winter
  23. Hi everyone, I am Neil i am a bit late getting into this hobby 58 years old , first mistake buying a used Celestron powerseeker 114e.g. It was listed as new not used on eBay, well when I got it found small bent in the side of the tube the 4mm eyepiece missing i think the dent came from the weight were all parts were thrown in the box So I cleaned mirrors 're aligned them rebuilt the e.g. Mount so it was the right way round and not upside down even the spotter scope mount was back to front . I now hope it's back to a working telescope why do people abuse things it's with a loving owner now Do you guys know we're there is a good site i can download star charts etc Kind regards Neil
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