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  1. Hi guys I know this is going to get technical, a fast telescope is F6 or lower hope that's right What makes it a fast telescope? Why does it make it a fast telescope? Why buy a fast telescope over a medium? P!ease try and keep it easy to understand thank you
  2. Well guys ( sorry I know we have a young lady on here too) but I am learning a lot , I thought I had my scope set up right but I got a laser collimator I first checked the tool glad I did it was off a little , then did the telescope and what I thought was right was well out , so I hope next outing the image will be better
  3. Glad you said that I don't feel stupid now
  4. Hi Jim i did my friend I subscribed to your channel , as a newbie I am just starting to look up and see things , so what star cluster is the 7sisters ? The big dipper is what we call the plough ( I wish we all used the same names lol )
  5. Great video Jim have you done any more
  6. Get a bolt removal tool from a car spares p!ace they are hardened and made to remove bolts that the head has snapped off , you drill the bolt then insert tool and as it grips it unscrew bolt
  7. Thanks Robin this is my first scope and won't be my last
  8. Hi I got this eyepiece as the 4mm was missing this was before I found out I need plossl eyepiece is it any good or shall I replace it https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0749PC72L/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  9. Hi guys I found a compass on play store that gives you mag North or true north what ever you select it may be worth a look https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.smartcompass.procompass
  10. Hi guys it was me lol , I just could not get my head to work it out I watched video and read the right up I was linked to and now in the day light got it to look South , it's looks strange as the weight is level or above the telescope a little and telescope ends up lower than when I started, but if that sounds right to you guys then I go with that
  11. Hi Joe do me a favor tell me what eyepieces and Barlow to get please so I don't waste money on things I don't need , forget what I have as they are cheap and came with scope so are not plossl
  12. Thanks I just wonder if it's me being new and not knowing how to handle the telescope yet
  13. Guys I have the EQ1 mount I do the polar alignment then if I want to look at a star to my South I undo the locks but telescope will only move 60 degs and then gets stuck is this normal
  14. Hi guys I worked out I need 8mm 10mm 12mm 20mm plossl eyepieces 2x Barlow and poss a 3x Barlow using the eyepiece with and without the Barlow I won't go near max mag of 228
  15. Ok what I have done is used the maths to make sure I don't go over 224 when looking at plossl eyepieces and barlows
  16. Ok so the maths he shows then is right so I can't go over 224 mag on my telescope
  17. No just looking through eyepiece , every where I read says the Barlow increases the eyepiece but this video says it increases the focal length of the telescope
  18. Hi guys I was watching this video and when the guy starts to talk about Barlow he said it doubles the focal length of the telescope not the eyepiece watch from 3.33 , so what do you think ? Right of not?
  19. Hi thank you so stick with the 20 with or without Barlow i should get a good view , should I get some more eyepieces if yes what size
  20. Hi guys as you may remember I have the Celestron powerseeker 114 , well I just looked at the moon with the 20 mm and it was a bright disc so I added the 3x Barlow that made it a bigger bright disc so then tried the 4mm with and without the Barlow could not see a thing , so what am I doing wrong ? Am I expecting to much ? I have seen photos of the moon taken with the same scope as mine and have a lot of detail It's not put me off its made more determined to keep going till I get it right and see some detail
  21. Hi I did download both , now waiting for a clear night so I can get the telescope out
  22. Hi Warthog sorry to hear you been ill, hope you feel better now 

  23. Hi I didn't throw away i kept it , I can't wait for a clear night so I can use it , just need to work out where to look in the sky i need an idiot guide
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