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  1. Hi the all sky lens should just unscrew no tool needed , if you can't grip it try a small piece of rubber inner tube to give you more grip but it should not be that tight 

    The small screw is to lock the focus of the all sky lens , never screw the focus part of the lens in all the way it will damage the glass in front of the sensor

  2. Hi make some Wilcox rings I have them on my VX8L buy a jubilee kit off e bay and some plastic electrical trunking , now balance the telescope then wrap the top part of the trunking upside down around the tube next to the ring then cut a length of jubilee kit to make the jubilee clip up .Now fit inside the trunking as it's upside down it holds the jubilee nicely so you can tighten it up , make a second one  and do the same this now lets you have the main scope rings loose and not lose the balance of the telescope but it lets you rotate the OTA so eyepiece is always in the best position 


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