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  1. Update: the field stops in my CZJ seems to be out as well ( have to look hard down as the fob is large. Looking straight through the trinovid, the field stops seems ok, only when I look down the are sometimes out. Maybe it has really more to do with me than the bino. Have to write a short comparison, the difference between the two Bino's is amazing, don't think there is a going back
  2. Yes it's the trinovids. I received them new this week and tested them only quickly. As said the image seems to be ok but the field stops look odd. At first I thought they are a circle but then they looked like a 8. Could it be my eyes Got the Leica zoom but still have to sort a tripod to test. Maybe I should just by one, but after sourcing everything s/h I try to get a good used Berlebach as well. Wanted to observe in the mean time more with Bino's but this doesn't seem to work out.
  3. Just treated myself to a new pair of binoculars and just had a quick look through and now a bit puzzled how the field stop should look like. In my binoviewers I was looking for a nice clean circle. In the binoculars it seems more like a 8 with sides not lining up to one but two fieldstops, if this makes sense. The view itself seems to be clean .(I had a muscollimated binoviewer before that showed two jupiters, nothing like this here. My question might sound silly but I never really used binoculars, and the view in my CZJ Dekarem is so wide that its hard to see the field stop.
  4. I was thinking about this model on a monopod head, it has additional friction adjustment for better control. Haven't tried it yet though http://www.giottos-tripods.co.uk/index.php?page=productpage&cat=49130e8d88135&product=4918502ce3a47
  5. I started to wonder if I should go for a save choice like the Leica Trinovid 8x42, they are 1/3 more than the Minox but have a good rep. Are there any other alternatives I could consider in this league?
  6. After some considerations i think i should go with a 8X bino to complement my old Dekarem and my scope. I struggle to keep the Dekarem steady with its 10x and dont really wont to go down the mount route as this wouldnt be a big change from my TV102 on a simple alt az mount. I love a good design and have seen a (very) view positive remarks about the Minox HG range. Could anyone comment on the HG 8x43 (or 8x52) modell ? Acecameras have them on their website for a good price. I was looking at the Nikon AE and Pentax PCF 8x but both are over akilogram wheras the Minox weights a mere 660g.
  7. I tried my Baader MK5 with the T2 diagonal and a 2.6 GPC in a Tal 100RS and it just had enough intravel to get into focus. Unfortunately the Tal 100RS tube is a bit to long. Even though it has a 2" focuser i did not manage to get my 2" eps into focuse due to lack of in travel.
  8. Just realised a silly thing, when looking at the halve moon I somehow realised that my left eye was in focus but my right eye was not. Adjusting the right eye cleaned up the image to a noticeable degree. The moon is still surrounded by glare, unlike the pitch black background in my scope but stars (the bino framed the Hyades nicely ) and jupiter look good enough to give my old binos another chance.
  9. I picked up a Vixen HAL130 aluminium tripod for 99£ new and used it with a giro. Unlike the CG5 you can simply put up (and away) the HAL mount with its spreader. I think with the CG5 you have to screw in the spreader plate when you put up the mount ?
  10. hmm, might as well go for a discmount then. I buy most of my stuff from TS in Germany, one of the better sides of Europe that you dont have to worry about these things.
  11. I am toying with the idea of getting a Ayo mount from AOK in Switzerland but is just dawned to me that they are not in the EU. Are there some special arangements with Switzerland or will i have to pay duties for the mount? Thanks Andre
  12. You can definitely use the bino without, but as the excerpt states, the corrector still has its justification (and it was designed by Roland Christen of Astro Physics) so I would still go with the 1.25 GWK if you don't need more magnification for the best image quality.
  13. I ponder about the same question. I can't imagine that I could comfortably use a tripod to view at a high angle, unless I want to invest in a parallelogram mount. i just picked up a 40mm waste pipe from Wickes to use as a poor mans monopod to see what works best
  14. I am set to get myself a bino setup that its powerful enough to make a difference to the naked eye but light enough to be truly portable, i.e. not a parallelogram mount. I like the idea to mount a bino on a simple monopod. The problem with a tripod would be that you will struggle to see any of the constellations above your head. The monopd is limited in this respect as well but I think it might go a bit further up if you lean back in a chair and keep the leg at a 45 degree angle. The question will then be if a 10x50 bino is sufficient (light polluted London suburbs) or if a 15x70 is more recommended. For the head for the monopod I would look for something I can also use on a tripod with my PST.
  15. I got mine from Agena, was quick and easy, but I was hit with taxes and handling fees
  16. Thanks everyone, the nylon screws might indeed be the way to go. Just have to find the best place to buy them.
  17. I have the Antares Barlow 2" 1.6x and was wondering if there is a similar Barlow (1.5-1.8x) out there with compression ring. Dont like the idea of purposely leaving marks on my eps in this day and age when everything comes with compression rings. i wouldn't consider a 2" powermate due to size and weight.
  18. I just picked up a PST that is little more than a year old. Looks good sofar, although i have to wait for the sun today for an final assesment. One thing that surprised me was that all scews, the little ones on the PST body that hold the side plate, and the big ones from the mount, show signes of corrosion. My questions are now, is this a common problem, woulod this have an effect on the PST (i think the body is alluminium so the corrosion shouldnt spread) and if i change them (is it ok to take the side plate from the PST body of ?), where would i best start to look for replacememts.
  19. Thanks for your thoughts, maybe i give my binos a good clean with the Baader wonderfluid and another chance befor spending on the Pentax PCF (think i cant justefy the Fujinon for me right now).
  20. CZJ certainly produced some good stuff over the years like the CZJ 0.95" orthos and Telementors, but 40 years are 40 years. The biggest risk just like with scopes is not to get caught out by aperture fever. I nearly picked up a Fujinon 16x70 on abs, but with parallelogram mount and tripod I am more or less where I am with my TV102 and a alt az mount. Certainly tempted by the Fujinon 10x50 but not sure I will use it enough to justify the outlay. From Edz tests on CN it seems below that it gets difficult to pick a winner. The Pentax PCF and Nikon AE are good but have their weaknesses (but than they cost only a quarter of the Fujinon)
  21. I dont have a mount at the moment and grabbed my old pair of binos on friday night to enjoy an hour under the stars. I actually quite liked the experiences without all the hassle of putting up my equipment up. I noticed strong glare around jupiter and the moon in my old binos and was wondering if i would benefit from an upgrade to a more recent model in the same size as i found the views of the two unsatisfying (to be fair i live in the London suburbs and the skies are far from perfect most of the time). My Carl Zeiss Jena 10x50 Dekarem are from the early 70's, bought somehow from the east German army and have been in the family for decades.
  22. Btw, if you are interested in the 17.3 mm as I am, have a look at the exchange rate and ad the 10% TV discount TS will give you if you ask them, its a juicy saving of 60 £ compared to the local offers
  23. I bought a few for my Telementor but then sold them in the end, the 4mm went for 340 £ on ebay ! the non existent eye relief made it impossible to use for me, but it seems someone begged to differ The others go for 150 - 200 (not sure if pound or Euro), unless you talk about a rare one, 8mm or 12mm
  24. Some give the CZJ the edge, but the thing that would make me wary to get them is the hefty price tag for eyepieces that are at least 30 years old and i dont know how they have been treated over the time.
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