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  1. I would go with a Uni 18 (or 28 if you want to use it with a refractor) load is 55kg. I also have the smaller Report 3012 astro which is rated 18kg but feels flimsy compared to the Uni. I think it's the best aground tripod and has enough reserve for bigger scopes to come. Make sure you buy the spreader as well. Not cheap with 50 a euros but you can set the mount up in 2 sec instead of screwing a spreader plate on. Here you can see the difference between Uni 28 with Ayo I (left) and Report 3012 astro with Ayo traveller II (middle)
  2. I am currently looking for a good quality bino mainly for stargazing and came across the Opticron WP HR 8x42. From what i can read on birding forums this looks like a winner. Wondering if anyone had experience with it for stargazing.
  3. One is fixed on the first arm, the clamp for the second can be bought either from Ayo (Vixen or Losmandy style ) or from any other supplier with the standard takahashi layout (M8 or M6 35mm apart) This on us from Geoptic. I have another one from Berlebach and Altair Astro also sells clamps that fit
  4. I do the balancing with a counterweight screwed onto a dovetail bar, that then goes into the second clamp Easy as pie
  5. Regarding the Ercole, a dealer on aGerman forum just posted a video with a DSC kit developed by the Ercole designer http://forum.astronomie.de/phpapps/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php/topics/1029519/Giro_Ercole_mit_BDSC_von_Astro#Post1029519
  6. I have the predeccesor of the Ayo II, the Ayo. I guess there is not much between the Ayo II and the Ercole. I am looking to get the Ayo II at some point because if offers the possibility to add DSC and computer at a later point. (Plus i like it more in red than the silver Ercole ) For balancing i use a long vixen dovetail in the second clamp, with a Bader counterweight on one end. When i change an eyepiece is imply move the dovetail with the weight to get the whole setup back into balance. http://www.teleskop-...ussgewinde.html http://www.teleskop-...smenklemme.html I used the Giro-3 with a Orion Optics SPX 200 that weights around 7 kg without any problems. I had the DM-6 for a while and yes you can change a Nagler 31 without any balance issues but i found the mount simply to heavy to drag it out for each session. The DM-4 is lighter but still expensive and might not offer enough friction to hold a scope when changing the heavy nagler. The Ercole and Ayo can at least be locked during the ep change.
  7. i like these, a bit more than the one from widescreen centre but easier to mount with the accessible screw and comes in whatever size orcolour you want
  8. I am just curious as the name Giro is used by at least Bresser and ES these days. I always thought it is the name for the mounts made by Tele-Optics team made up from the first names of the team behind it, GI ovanni & RO lf
  9. Another option to consider is a baader Maxbright bino. It can be arched direktly to the blocking filter and gets into focus with a 1.7x corrector. Used it with a pair of 20mm plossl and it will show you more details more relaxed then any cyclops ep. (Which I had bought the Lunt, struggle to get the bino into focus with my Coronado )
  10. I have the Coronado SM 60 II which is similar. My most used ep is a volcano top ortho 12.5 and when seeing allows a 9mm . Going higher usually does not provide me with more details. I tried my Leica zoom as well but prefer for solar the simplicity of a ortho. With the low mag it's not a problem to have such a small fov.
  11. unfortunately you still will have to pay VAT and handling fees when buying in Switzerland (Prices are in Swiss Frand, they are roughly 0.66 £, you then have to ad 20 % UK VAT) You can always send Beat, the owner of AOK, an email, they dont have an online shop as they like to talk to you about your needs (in english), payments can be made via Paypal or BT.
  12. I picked up a Nagler 26 while it lasts nearly went for a E21 but then I sold one last year for a reason. The Nagler is for me more versatile with the same tfov
  13. Just found the link to the original review http://www.cloudynights.com/item.php?item_id=1930 Here it is in my mount collection, you can tell I prefer alt az mounts
  14. I have an old AOK Swiss Ayo mount. The previous owner had a TMB 115 with binoviewers on it. The new Ayo Mark II can be bought or retrofitted with encoders and computer in case you missed it later
  15. That sounds encouraging. The only problem I might have is that the barlows in front of the BF will push up the magnification for my pair of 25mm plossl. I was aiming at a focal length of 10mm with the 2.6 GWK. With the stronger magnification it might get to much. Maybe I should have got a Lunt 60. Had no problem with a 1.7 GWK to come into focus (you can unscrew the ep holder on the Lunt BF and attach the Maxbright bino directly)
  16. I bought a Coronado SM 60 II solar scope and fitted it with a moonlite focuser to use it with my binoviewer. Unfortunately it turned out that i dont have enough infocus for my Maxbright, even with the 2.6 corrector. It was now suggested that i could employ a barlow in front of the blocking filter. Would it be safe to do so ? And as my 2" 1.6 Antares barlow does not look trustworthy enough to me to carry the BF with a binoviewer, what other options for a good and not to heavy 2" barlow are out there. I would ideally screw the barlow element in the 2"/1.25" adapter that holds the BF, therefor avoiding to put any physical burden on the barlow.
  17. Funny enough, i found my current scope on ebay, but it turned out to be from a memeber here. Otherwise i agree, ABS is the place to go. Everything i found sofar, including tripods, mounts, APO's ep's etc was purchased there. You just have to be patient, even things like Discmounts, Baader Mark V binos etc turn up once in a blue moon.
  18. The Discmount DM 6 is a joy to use and you don't have to worry about changing eyepieces, even binoviewers. I was lucky to find one on abs. But I sold it in the end as I found it to heavy to drag out for each session. As Andy pointed out, the Ayos look interesting. I would like to try the Auodigi myself. But as I already own an older non dsc Ayo (the WO ezy touch equivalent) it would mean an upgrade of 1600£ just to get the DSC. I found in the end a Gibraltar with computer on abs and will see if its good enough for my TV 102. Don't like the tripod but I should be able to use the Gibraltar on my far sturdier Berlebach Uni 28.
  19. Giros are nice but for a smallish scope i would try the AyoTraveller (the mount in the middle, on a Berlebach Report 3012 astro - carries up to 18 kg, the tripod that is. The mount to the left is a Ayo mount, pretty similar to a Giro) Its light and essential just 2 big circles at the alt and az axis. Like mine with my Coronado SM 60 II.
  20. I would advise on a pair of 25mm (and maybe 20) TV plossl as well. Given the excellent QC of Televue it is no problem to by 2 Plossl independent second hand and be sure they will match. Plus they are light. I went through quite a few TV plossl pairs and they always matched. Unfortunately i cant say the same of BGO's. Theid 3 pairs, one of them bought new especially for my binoviewer, and the field stops nover perfectly matched. Your tolerance might differ, i find i distracting and send them back.
  21. I like to keep it simple (missing in the picture are 2 TV plossl pairs and a pair of T circle orthos for my binoviewer)
  22. Hi Stu, Which Herschel wedge do you use and did you use a normel nosepiece in your Maxbright or could you reduce the light path by using the Baader quick coupler (http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p559_Baader--06---T2-female-to-Zeiss-Bajonet-Part-of-T2-fast-coupler.html). If i would use my 2" Baader Herschelwedge and dont use the short quick coupler but the standard 2" EP holder, 2"to 1.25" adapter and 1.25" nose piece on my Maxbright than i would probabely struggle as well.
  23. Had a change of heart and ordered the Vortex Viper HD 8x42, somehow the look appeals better more to me and on birding reviews they are ranked top of middle class as well. Cant wait to see if they live up to the hype
  24. Just wondering if anyone here had experience with this model. Seems to be well regarded on the other forum and won in a bird watchers bino contest in the middle class section last year. Plus the current price of 230£ with cash back sounds rather good for a nice roof bino.
  25. The problem with the money transfer is the one factor that keeps me from byuing a DM-4 as well. Tom is off course above question but the whole process will surely cost more than a simple paypal or credit card transfer and is in this day and age just inconvenient. I recently bought stuff from Moonlite, Starlite, Agena etc ifrom the states and was always able to pay in a few seconds by Paypal. Btw, i asked on CN befor http://www.cloudynig...ev=#Post5695192
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