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  1. Thanks for the picture Stu, the setup is bigger then my 80ed I think I place an order for a quark and then see how it goes.
  2. Thanks Stu. I guess the SW reducer is the same ? Sorry, never used a reducer before, do I simply screw it on the end of the 80ed focuser tube, then attach my 2" Clicklock clamp and put the diagonal in there?
  3. That sounds encouraging I only have a t2 prism diagonal. Will this be ok or is a mirror diagonal recommended. To keep the focal lenght down for visual observation, I could try a focal reducer for my 80ed, or for the same money get a Startravel f5 100mm instead. Both giving 500mm fl. I read someone warning of using fast achros because they are optimised for green light. Would I still see better details with a st100 vs my 80ed plus 0.85x fr ?
  4. Not sure if I should post this here or in the solar forum. Having a basic Lunt 60 b1200 on order I now wonder what the benefit of a Quark eyepiece (chromosphere version ?) coupled with my 80ed for visual on a small alt az mount would be .(considering the longer fl of my 100ed it might push magnification with the 4,2 quark barlow to much) I used to have a solarmax 60 II (400mm fl) and never went below a 11 or sometimes 9mm ep. With the 4.2 factor even a 40mm plossl in a 80ed would translate into a 7mm equivalent in the sm60. One plus side for the lunt is the ability to use a binoviewer. Combining the quark 4.2 magnification with a Binoviewer barlow wouldn't be very useful..
  5. When using 2" eps with the 2" baader wedge I found I don't have enough infocus with my 100ed, but are ok with the 80ed. I even struggle with my 1.25" baader 12.5mm micro guide EP in the 100ed. And I connected a 1.25 T2 ep holder directly to the wedge, for shortest possible light path. The Tak le and Fujiyama orthos are ok though.
  6. Thanks everyone. I like my 100ed, perfect balance between light weight and halve decent aperture. Just feel sometimes that the image gets a bit to dim with 4mm eps on the moon. A little bit more aperture would be nice. However in this case I would prefer the smaller package of the vx6 over the 120ed. Food for thought I think I know what you mean with the steady views of smaller scopes. After short cool down my old tv102 would nearly always give me satisfying, albeit sometimes dim views. (Just sold it as I figured a sh tv102 can by you a new vx10 and a sh 100ed without giving up much on the views )
  7. There has been a lot written about similar scope but I am looking for some input on these specific scopes. I currently have a 80ED as small grab and go with solar wedge and couldn't resist when a 100ed popped up here. The 2 are quite close so I am thinking of replacing the 100ed with a 120ed for some extra light grasp. The main targets will be planets and moon from my light suburban garden. For the days when i only have an hour to pop out and my VX10 probably takes just as long to cool down. Now i am wondering how the 00 vx6 would compare to the 120ed on a alt az mount. It has a similar weight, is a bit shorter and cost new 2/3rds of a second hand 120ed. (nothing wrong with the SW 150 pds, but considering that for the difference between VX6 and 150pds i get the OO version of the Baader steelstrack focuser and a certified 1/10th pv mirror, i think the price of the vx6 is not bad)
  8. I just added a 80ed to my Baader Herschel wedge with solar continuum filter and love it. Perfect grab and go for a few min sun shine a day.
  9. If anyone has the vx10 with the new acu focuser. How much in travel is left when you use a 1.25" ep, let's say a tv plossl. Trying to work out which corrector I would need for my Binoviewer. 7.5 cm or more would be ideal
  10. Thanks Rich, so no straight forward swap. The only reason I prefer dual speed focuser is that you can fine tune the focus without shaking the scope to much. With the 1 speed focuser I usual shake the scope when focusing and it's harder to find the perfect point.
  11. Hi I am mulling the idea of adding a 6" newt to the stable as my main scope. Unlike the c8 it could still sit on my small mount, should cool down fast and doesn't require a dew strip. Perfect when time is at a premium. Now I see 3 options, a SW 150p if I can put the OO oc 1 m focuser on I have at home. The base plate to fit 6" tubes has the following spacing between the screws 6.8 cm wide and 7.8 cm deep. Would this fit the 150p without to much fiddling around? Next would be the 150 pds and at the more expensive end the OO vx6 with a rebadged baader steeltrack focuser. I recently bought a 80ed ds and was quite impressed with it, the only niggle I have is the clamp at the end of the focuser tube which I find a let down as the rest, including the ds focuser is rather good. So with this experience I am quite positive towards Skywatcher.
  12. Thanks for all the replies so far. My situation is that I already have a baader 2" wedge (older version) which I bought years ago but never used it as I had a Ha scope. Now while I am saving up for a lunt 60 I thought I might as well give it a go and get a 80ed (anything bigger and I wouldn't probably use it as much as grab and go) I already have a 150 xlt newt with solar film I got as holiday scope. Hmm, so 80ed it is
  13. Hi I am wondering what would give me sharper views of solar spots, a SW 80ed plus Baaders 2" Herschel wedge or my old 6" reflector with Baader foil. Thank you Ande
  14. The bit were the cable comes out is the encoder unit. The Ayodigi has it integrated, for the Ayo Mark II you can buy the bare bone mount first and add the Encoder unit later. Good idea, unfortunately for other alt az mounts on the market you have to revert to ad-ons to get DSC capability.
  15. Its "just" a Ayo Mark II, but the principle is the same. The Vixen clamp is fixed (the mechanism is quite nice as well) , you can buy a Losmandy or Vixen clamp to fix on the other side. Having said that, there was a pic on CN from a guy who had 2 Losmandy clamps, I am sure Beat from AOK can give you whatever you need. That's the beauty with small companies like Ayo or Berlebach.
  16. Oh well, thanks to Stu, I just noticed a Argo Navis on ABS for the price of a new Nexus, that's decided then
  17. I received my Aok Ayo Mark ii with build in DSC yesterday I didn't order an Argo Navis, as I was hoping that I can somehow use my iPhone with an app (currently installed sky safari +) With all the possibilities smart phones offer these days, does it makes sense for the hand full of objects I would be trying to find each month to splash out on an Argo Navis. What would be my option either involving my iPhone or something totally different.
  18. Bino's are great. I recently reshuffled my setup to go exclusively bino. I always struggled with mono, trying to keep one eye shut. Binoviewing is in comparison so relaxed if nothing else. It also reveals for me far more detail than an expensive planetary ep in mono mode.
  19. The Baader zoom sounds good, let's see if I can find one s/h. Would work out more reasonable than a handful of BST or x-cel and it has a good reputation.
  20. How world the celestron x-cel stack up against the BST, given that they cost the same with similar fov.
  21. Thanks to Shane I am now proud owner of a Celestron omni xlt 150 ota, which I intent to take along to family gatherings under dark skies in France. Now, using my mark v bino for 5-8 yr old is out of question and my old orthos (now on sale anyway) aren't ideal either. Any recommendations for 2-3 1.25" eps for the f5 scope that don't break the bank but are good enough to not put people of stargazing in future because of mediocre views ? Don't have to be perfect all the way out.
  22. Thanks Oly, so a dew shield with build in heater strip ticks all boxes? I read somewhere that from 8" on you wouldn't need the dew controller as you need max power anyway. Is that true?
  23. My 8" sct is fairly new to me and I had to pack up after a hour as the scope started to dew up despite the dew shield. So a dew heater is becoming more alluring. Just wondering if a simple dew strip is doing the job on 8-11" sct's or if a heated dew shield would be a better option. Them I think I would also need a dew controller and power tank to get it working.
  24. I like my Ayo's so here it goes. The bigger one on the left will take anything up to 12 Kg, the smaller one in the middle should be sufficient for a ED80. In fact I plan to get an ED80 to be used with a Lunt 50 filter set and the small Ayo traveler as grab and go solar setup. (Currently have a Giro ercole but I will get an Ayo Mark II with encoder some point this year. You can retrofit the Ayo traveler with encoder if you like)
  25. No comment about condition, might be worth asking
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