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  1. I think i keep an eye open for a 12mm (first choice) or 13mm Nagler and if i ever feel the need for an 16mm to fill the gap between these and the 26mm than i will consider the ethos. Guess with the cost of an 13mm ethos being the same as the 13mm and the 16mm Nagler that would be a sensible conclusion. Couldn't find a single sale of an 2nd hand ethos here or on astrobuysell archive so it seems that no one who ever bought one could part with them again.
  2. Hello I spend the last few days here in the forum and found a lot of helpful advise for my newly discovered interest in astronomy. I got yesterday my new toy, a dobsonian 250px . Unfortunately weather forecast does not leaves much to hope for the weekend. After i could see 2 stars trough the clouds i nevertheless drag my scope out on the patio and just loved it. It's just amazing how many stars the dob catches even when you think there is nothing to see out there. Looking forward to my first clear night and a good time here in the forum Cheers, Andre
  3. I think I leave a little bit room to move up;) Besides, the funds stretch only for a set of 3 Naglers (Seems i missed a few opportunities to lay my hand on a 12/13mm second hand on )
  4. I start to lean towards the 12mm T4, the eye relief is a big plus and everyone seems to agree that it is at least as good as the 13mm T6. I was a bit worried a bout the size, but seeing my 26mm T5 on the 250px convinced my that the heavy dob should be able to take it without loosing balance.
  5. The eyerelief would be definitely an important factor as my wife wears glasses. Guess the Radian 12mm gives the 2 Naglers at least in this category the run. Like the bigger FOV though.
  6. After i couldn't resist the temptation and bought a Nagler T6 26mm as my low mag ep i am now wondering whats best for the mid range on my 10" f5 dob (i like to keep it simple with 3 eps to cover the whole range). I have a Radian 12mm on the way as well but consider to swap it either for a Nagler T4 12mm (better eyerelief) or a T6 13mm. Any ideas how these 2 compare?
  7. Kai, thanks for the link. Damn ... just let a celestron ultima barlow pass by on astrobuysell for a very decent price John, i see if i can find something about the different behaviour of the Radians. Don't want to save money in the wrong place.
  8. I wondering if it is worth getting the pricier Powermate over the 2x TV barlow for my TV Radians on a 250px dob. Reason i am asking, i stumbled over a quote on CN from Mr Nagler himself that he recommends the barlow for reflectors and the Powermate for refractors, due to their respective designs.
  9. Did you used 8mm or 6mm on your current fast dob? Read that some people gave planetary ep's the edge (but then you won't have the 68 Field the Hyperion offers).
  10. I finally did the plunge and ordered the Skyliner 250px today . I now want to supplement it with a basic set of 3 ep's that should cover for time being my needs. I already got the Hyperion 17mm, that together with the 2 fine tuning rings should be a good mid mag ep (13mm/10mm). I also bought a 8mm Radian (great offer on astrobuysell) but i am now wondering if a 6mm (or 8mm Hyperion with rings) for the higher mags would be a better fit. There is also still the question of the low mag ep.
  11. I am curious about this myself. Want to get a Skyliner 200p together with a (slightly ) smaller set of Hyperion's Would be great if someone could share his experience.
  12. Thanks, that sound encouraging. Rob, good point. I made up my mind to order a Skyliner 200p in the next days. The scope has f/5.9. Would be interesting to know if someone used the Hyperions on a similar fast scope.
  13. Sorry I am a bit slow after an hour less sleep tonight Do you mean the picture is just blown up when using the rings without real gain in finer details as you would hope to get from an dedicated ep?
  14. After reading about the Hyperion finetuning rings it seems to be a nice way to get with three ep's, 8mm and 17mm (plus a nonextendable 24mm), the whole range of ep's you might want to have. Could Hyperion owners please share their experience if it makes a visual diffence to use the FT's or dedicated ep's for 6mm, 13mm.
  15. Yeah, i am seriously tempted by the 250px but i am still pondering wherever i should spend the money on a slightly bigger scope i.e. if the increase from 8" to 10" will make such a noticeable difference.
  16. Can someone comment on the Badder Hyperion zoom on f6 or faster? I quit like the idea, but from what i read here in the forum the fixed focal length ep's with the same name seem to suffer on the fringes when used on a faster scope.
  17. Hi, I am trying to make my mind up which dob to buy as my first scope. Would the pyrex glass mirror in the skyliner 250px have any effect on the frequency of collimation compared to the skyliner 200p under equal circumstances?
  18. John, i was just about to reply to MrSpock with a question about the Ts EP's when i read your post. Part Timer in his EP review seems to suggest that the Baader might not be the best choice for a f6 scope? I could only find positive remarks here for the TS Planetary HR so far. And for the price i hope i cant go wrong. Guess the 60 degree field is as much as you will realistically get in this range?
  19. PaulB thanks for the suggestion but i think i better invest the price difference in a few nice eyepieces
  20. Hello forum, this is my first post so please be patient if i just repeat something that was asked before. After finaly having a reasonable dark garden i am more than excited to put him to use and get my first scope. After doing a lot of reading here in the forum i settled for the skyliner 200p (unless something bigger comes up in the sales section ). I am now wondering what would be a managable magnification for a dob on planets as i understand that the higher the magnification the harder it is to follow with a dob. And which eyepieces (reasonable priced) would be good both for my wife (with glasses) and me (without). I read here about eye relieve and that orthos and plossl both are not ideal for glasses. It would be great if you could share your experience. Thanks
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