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  1. Hiya, very nicely done, how long where your exposures to make that work? And was processing difficult? I'm in 2 minds weather to get a skywatcher ed72 or a startravel102 for imaging, my fear is being able to control chromatic abberation on images with bright stars. Did you shoot many other targets worh your st80?
  2. You certainly are sorted for small refractor scopes. Your triplet apo would harvest great images, I'll take a look at your images as soon as I have learnt to navigate this forum. I'm still learning how to go places and see stuff.
  3. Dark knight 101

    First shots

    Motor drive up and running first few goes at imaging
  4. For sure I keep all my gear inside, have to pile it up in a corner in bedroom, wife hates it but my gear loves it
  5. It is!!! It seems it would be a decent rich field scope for visual observation. If I do take the plunge and buy one f these little scopes, I'll try a bit of imaging with it aswell. I simply cannot afford the awesome ed apo refractorors with flatteners and what not, married with kids and wife would kill me if I rocked home with one. I also found a thread with an image that was taken using the scope. Someone had comented that the level of chromatic abberation / blue halo on stars was less than would have been expected from an achromatic refractor. Also a plus, I love imaging under the stars and
  6. I am loving that photo olly, as soon as I work out how to load it in it will be there Sorry I should have been more Clear, I have watched the mounts behaviour with out guiding, checked for snags, tried balancing and mount fails to calibrate if go to east heavy. One thing that does repeatedly appear is no east movement detected and no south movement detected during calibration. ???????? I was just wondering if eqmod could be used with my enhanced dc motor drive to analyse and improve the mounts behaviour to eliminate that as the cause of my bad guiding. I see that there is a st4
  7. Hi everyone, I bought the enhanced dual axis motor drive for eq3-2 mount, I have it guiding but have bad guiding most of the time due to what I believe is the periodic error of the mount, the image settles for a minute or to and then goes off on one for about four minutes till it returns to starting position. Any how my question is this, can I use an eq mod cable to connect mount via ascom? I am aware that there would be much functionality as the motors are dc rather than stepper, but I was hoping that I could use pecprep to try and sort my guiding problem. Has anyone any experience with this
  8. Stumbled across this thread, did you buy one of these scopes in the end?? would be interesting to see how it performs.
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