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  1. I have been looking for a Dobson scope, and I've found, that Orion scopes are really cheap and good in quality. Then I decided for Orion XT10 because I could see more details. I went on Orion XT10i because I am a starter (my previous scope: Celestron AstroMaster 130EQ - don't buy). So I have been looking for good deals. But budget is crucial. I want something under 600 €. And then I found a deal on Amazon.de for 507.00 €. I want to know if this is a good deal. Is this scope in nice condition? Does the "i" part of XT10i (i.e. the push-to control) actually work? Has it got good optics?
  2. Easy question: What is the difference between Stargazer's lounge and Cloudy nights? (If we don't include different name, URL, background color, icon, initiator, ...)
  3. Of course you can do this! https://www.amazon.com/-/de/dp/B00006IFAQ/ref=lp_12896781_1_8?s=arts-crafts&ie=UTF8&qid=1582223178&sr=1-8 (just you need to buy it ...)
  4. It seems like you are in job in Celestron ... I have pretty bad experiences with Celestron scopes, although they advertisement it, like it's the best scope in the world.
  5. I have also bad experience with mount Celestron EQ-2 (maybe EQ-3, I don't know). You can't even point the telescope in all directions, and you need to cheat, that you point the northern pole to the south. When you place the motor, it is always on the way of the weights. Motor is also bad, and the mount doesn't have included polar align scope. So I couldn't do so much. And how many Messier objects can you see with (old scope) 130 mm? How many with (new) 200 mm?
  6. Yes, but without success. I am now checking on Amazon, but is it normal, that they sell orion EQ-G mount for 300 €?
  7. Maybe first observing, and then buying a new camera + astrophotography.
  8. Good morning everybody! I fell asleep a little and forgot to set my alarm clock. Sorry for waiting. Now I will start my maraton on answering all the questions ...
  9. My Skywatcher 200pds will very shake on EQ5, but what if I add some very heavy weights?
  10. But where can I buy some cheaper versions? Also, check this at the bottom (about Bresser): https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/591655-explore-scientific-exos-2-goto-eq-mount/.
  11. I want to know how are comparised mounts in weight capacity and quality: Skywatcher Mount EQ5 Pro SynScan GoTo Skywatcher Mount HEQ-5 Pro SynScan GoTo Celestron Mount Advanced VX AVX GoTo Bresser Mount Messier EXOS-2/EQ-5 (And where can I buy a mount with supplied GoTo? This one is without GoTo.) And what do you think about these three mounts? Which is the best in high quality and cheap prise? Clear skies! Edit: I have changed my choice: Now they are: HEQ5 EQ6 Orion EQ-G
  12. What about a compromise - Celestron VX? Has it got a good polar alignment, or better EQ5? Has Celestron got good GoTo (I mean GoTo with polar alignment with three stars, to which you have to align telescope)?
  13. I agree. If you doubt: Wikipedia. Look on the right in the Starbox. Find "Variable star type". It says: SRC. Click on it. You will come to page Semiregular variable star. Clear skies
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