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  1. 15 hours ago, Greymouser said:

    I was trying extra emphasis, to make the point as strong as possible and no, it seems not as the OP still does not seem to get what several people have said, several times. :rolleyes2:

    I think I will stop trying to help with advice as it seems pointless and just adds to the confusion, even maybe causes offence... :sad:

    I fully understand what you and others are saying. I also know a higher F number = slower. I had a celestron AM 114AZ (F10 I believe) before the dob. I have taken all advice onboard and went woth the Hyperions with my eyes wide open - I'll detail reasons below here.

    1. From reviews they have decent eye relief (a major factor for me with Astigmatsm in my eyes)
    2. Consistent relief (according to reviews) accross the range. The other EP's mentioned appeared to offer reviews of varying relief through the range...
    3. Addon spacer rings that can change the focal lenths
    4. Ability to use as 1.25 or 2inch
    5. Carry case is a very nice bonus
    6. Eaisly threads onto cameras if I decide to go Astro-photography down the line in a slower EQ mounted scope
    7. Bang for buck seems to be in the right spot...
    8. At my scope of F5.9 (say F6) I hope and feel that I am on the edge of getting away with most of the downsides of this range of EP - in faster scopes
    9. The 5 and 8mm that come in the kit get great reviews on most scopes
    10. As I am new ot the hobby, perhaps I won't notice about any minor imperfections that are there....this may change if I get more fussy going forward lol
    11. And my scope is collimated every couple of days - so again....I'm hoping the EP's can hold their own.


    14 hours ago, John said:

    I think all the advice in this thread has been given in good faith and I'm sure recieved as such by the original poster :smiley:

    We can only post our experiences and these may well differ person to person. Eyepieces very much a matter of personal preferences I think. Sometimes you need to try a few types out to find out what suits you.

    I hope @Gonko enjoys the eyepieces chosen and I'd be interested to hear back on how he/she finds them once a few sessions have been had (could be sometime given the weather we have been having :rolleyes2:).


    I will definately be writing a review of each of them recieved. I will run them against a bringht star and drag it accross the full FOV on each piece. I'll then go for the old reliable moon itself and report back on sharpness and contrast etc. 

    All of the information, given by everyone has been greatly recieved, and believe me, I researched each and every suggested EP to the fullest. I've lieterally red pages on them. Hyperions were called out mainly for their soft edging at FOV, but also appeared to have the best ER of the bunch.....again all of this is based on my research on threads etc. At my F6 - I am aware this is possibly the brink of where they can drop off, certainly faster scopes of F5 and lower - they appear to need more correction at the edge.

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  2. When they arrive I'll write a review. 

    Some things I read was that parabolic mirrors induce coma at the edge. Also, a wider fov ep will show this more. This explains why some lower fov eps at the same price point, get good reviews. In fact, the coma may be hidden from the fov due to it being smaller. .

    The main reason I went with the hyperion is the eye relief. 

    In faster scopes most eye pieces are tested and it seems that most plossls with narrower fov and only the really expensive wfov 250+ per ep cut the mustard. 

    In slower scopes of f7+ preety much any ep will yield decent results, again it appears to be parabolic mirror related at certain f ratios. 

    My scope is 8inch dob, 1200mm so f5.9.


    Ill definitely write a detailed review when I get them as it can only help other newbies coming through the ep ladder. 

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  3. OK - So I went ahead and ordered the Baader Hyperion starter set from FLO. 

    It includes 5/10/17/24 giving me 50x/70x/100x/240x.

    Does this seem like a decent "spread"?

    I've also got 2 cheap barlows 2x and 3x....which leads me to a question.....will the EP's still perform good barlowed with a "cheapish Barlow?

    If so, I would have

    50x/70x/100x/140x/150x/200x/210x/240x/300x/480x/720x   >>>Assuming the barlows quality is up to par?

  4. So on the quest to upgrade to a nice set of EP's, I've been looking at the Hyperion starter kit, 4ep's and the case. 

    Has anyone experience with these?

    From what I am reading, they are good in F7 and slower scopes. My Dob is F5.9....

    Or, can anyone reccommend a decent EP that will be good in scopes around F6. 

    I also wear glasses due to astigmatism, so good eye relief is a must.

    I have seen reviews on the BST Starguiders, Baader Hyperions and the ES 62degree range.

    Again a mixed bag with each scope depending on the scope and so on. I am left even more confused 😳

  5. I bought the Celestron 114az as my first scope and a 8inch dob came up for sale a few weeks later, so the celestron went. 

    The 3x barlow that ships with the unit....meh...not great. In fact none of the EP's are great. Even the 20mm EP in my dob is rubbish compared to the 25mm Orion one (shipped with dob) and the 15mm celestron piece from the astromaster kit.

    The 4mm is total garbage and I never managed to get a decent image with it. It tended not to snap into focus very well.

    I never got to try better EP's in the astromaster, but I can say the standard supplied ones are quite poor compared to other cheap EP's. The 4mm is better served as a golf tee 🤣

  6. 1 hour ago, Carbon Brush said:

    Can I throw something else into the equation?

    Why do you wear glasses?
    What sort of correction do they offer?

    The reason for asking is that you do not need to use glasses with an eyepiece if it is just distance correction.

    If there is astigmatic correction, then you can use contact lenses.

    Either solution gives you a free choice on eyepieces.

    You can also buy certain eyepeices with 'bolt on' astigmatism correction. But not as SVbony prices!

    Hope this helps, David.

    I use glasses for astigmatism. 

    I can't get contacts as I have an issue with anything coming close to my eye. I've tried to use them, but to no avail. 

    At the moment my 6 and 4mm is like looking through a straw hole and I tend not to even bother with them....which means I tend not to go after planets....which is a shame. 

    I'm looking for decent eyepieces that will allow good eye relief with those focal ep lengths. The afov of the svbony range seems like an added bonus. I'm just unclear as to how they are. Are they budget crap or actually decent. 

    For example,, the 20mm ep that came with my celestron astromaster was total garbage. Poor fov for the focal length and a little dark when chasing dso. 

    My 25mm orion siris by comparison is much better. As I say, this came with my scope used and is quite good. 

  7. So as a Christmas gift from the wife, she is looking to get me some eyepieces. As I wear glasses, some relief would be welcome, but don't want to spend lots of money as I'm only new to the hobby.
    Currently I have a 25mm orion that came with my orion dob. 
    I've the celestron 20mm, 15mm, 6mm and 4mm. The relief on the 6 and 4 is very bad. 
    I've a 2 and 3x Barlow too. 
    I'm looking for something with a wider afov and better relief. 
    I came across svbony on amazon and seem great value. 
    Has anyone any experience with these. 
    They also do a 66degree afov range which also get good reviews and are cheaper. 
    Anyway here is the set I'm looking at. Any advice welcome. 
    Scope is Orion 8inch dob, 1200mm and f5.9.

    https://www.amazon.co.uk/Svbony-Eyepiec ... NrPXRydWU=

  8. Hi all. Gary here from Dublin. New to this apart from a cheap toy scope as a kid.

    Recently purchased a celestron 114az from a catalogue store....(ducks for cover) lol.

    Not sure if its a good one, but shows the moon pretty good at 50x.

    Usual shaky pod with adjusting the alt az ....my only gripe.

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