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  1. Thank you guys. Very useful advice! I have ordered my BST EPs as early Christmas gift. I will look for some 2nd hand filters, which I don't think are essential to me now. I will probably buy a few , 2nd hand, so if I don't like them, I can re-sell them without losing too much money. I have also bought a phone holder from Amazon, inspired by @Stu and his luna images. Hope to do some with my Huawei phone. Cheers, Deisler
  2. Back to my previous question regards filter, if I may - Last two sessions when I viewed the moon (close to full moon), I felt very uncomfortable as my left eye was left with a bright white spot even 30 mins after I came back in. I know it is not ideal to view full moon, but I think I might have to buy a filter to make sure my kids feel comfortable with the brightness. It would be great the same filter would work for planetary view too. Even greater if galaxy/large DSO, but not essential. I have seen many people recommended "Baader Neodymium Filter" which "Intensifies surface details on Mars, Jupiter and Moon – and enhances many Deep Sky galaxies and nebulae against the background sky.. ''. Sound ideal for me. Is it a OIII or UHC, or neither? Any recoomendation you can give for the problem I have. Regards Deisler
  3. Bought it. Thanks! Now will order my BST EPs (5mm and 15mm) from FLO and they should make me happy for a while.
  4. Baader Morpheus 9mm looks a great EP! Unfortunately I dont think I will spend that much on a single EP as my first EP. Maybe as my next upgrade.
  5. Cheers both @John @Louis D And with John's review back in 2010 I am leaning towards Aero 2'' than Baader Aspheric 2''. I assume 30mm is better than 35 or 40mm, as 30mm is near the 'upper limit'?
  6. @Louis D @John Hi I wonder if you have used Baader Hyperion Aspheric 2'' 31mm? Seen people recommended it as wide field low-power EP a lot. More specifically, how is it compared to Aero 2'' 30mm or even APM UFF 30mm? Cheers
  7. Hi Louis, May I ask if the distortion at left-right boundaries of the visible part of the ruler was because of the image taken by a camera, or it will look like that visually? The Aero one does seem to have very bad distortion at boundaries. Cheers
  8. Hi guys, Just to summarise what I have learnt so far from great advice you guys have given me and what I decide to do for my EP upgrade - 1) will get BST StarGuider 60º 5mm/15mm ED EPs - ~£45 each 2) will get a wide field low-power EP, currently leaning towards Aero 2'' 30mm (£100), but 32mm GSO Plossl (£33) is much cheaper but with some negative comments (like distorted view). 3) will get a filter - still need to research this topic, i.e. UHC v.s OIII; 4) Next, probably in a six months time, I will buy a TV barlow or a TV PM, depending on if I need greater eye relief on my BST EPs. Re. the wide field low-power EP, can you guys comment on 'Aero 2'' 30mm vs 32mm GSO 1.25'' vs other options' for my 200P Dob? I quite enjoy low-power view (through my stock 25mm) and found it very relaxing - so I want to buy a good one that will always be in my EP case. Any advice? Cheers Deisler
  9. yeah that makes perfect sense. I think I will go for 5mm EP, skipping 8mm for now. Then if I really want 8mm, I can always get a decent barlow later.
  10. I surely will! One quick question if you don't mind - re 'BST EPs' - do you think I should get a 5mm or 8mm, in addition to 15mm EP? 5mm will give me 240x mag, which I assume is for planetary view? Would 5mm also be useful for moon view? or 8mm maybe more useful for both planetary and moon? I probably will only buy one high-power EP at this stage.
  11. Hi, May I ask if the UHC filter works well in light polluted sky? My postcode has Bortle number 5. Cheers Deisler
  12. Yes sir. I bought it but not yet used it. I used the stock finderscope and found it very difficult to hop between stars. I tried to follow bright stars in Andromeda to locate the galaxy but it is almost impossible for an inexperienced observer to do. I heard Telrad will help me a lot, so I certainly look forward to using it! I am waiting for my plastic band to arrive tomorrow so I can fix it onto the tube. I don't like to apply the glue thing straight away as I fear I might do something wrong to ruin my tube. Maybe I am just being too cautious. Thanks
  13. Thank you, John. I will read some reviews about ES 2x Focal extender. It is currently £76 from FLO, saving £100 off TV PM. With that saving I probably can buy a nice Wide Field 30mm (like Aero 2'')? Certainly a great option!
  14. Is yours 1.25'' or 2'' Powermate? I know Powermate is not small but I did not expect that size That Ethos is a monster!
  15. Thank you for your reply, Sir. Could you please elaborate a bit on 'instead of Barlow' - I assume you meant Barlow may not be that important if I can have 5/10(stock)/15/25(stock)/32 EPs?
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