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  1. Funny you mention about flocking, as the inside of the OTA is scrapped from putting paper in there so that I could collimate it with a Cheshire. After seeing it collimated in a few minutes with a Baader Laser Collimator, I know what I want to buy next...
  2. We were both harassed and short of time, when we left and headed off down to New Galloway.
  3. I can't do justice to other people's observing reports, so mine will be rather brief... We arrived at Drumroamin on Wednesday evening, just as it was getting dark. I had an unfamiliar tent and had forgotten my sleeping bag. Eventually, I got that sorted and my partner in crime went to find a not so local chippy... David Millar from Astronomy Scotland kindly donated me a spare sleeping bag. I set up the 200p and was helped with final collimation by David (following Covid-19 guidelines). David gave us advice on where to point to telescope, once everything had cooled down. I used some of the BST StarGuider ED eyepieces on the Pleiades, double cluster, etc. I found it overwhelming to select targets when you're overloaded with thousands of visible stars, you literally couldn't see the wood for the trees! After viewing Mars and a few other targets, we called it a night, after the drive and everything else, we were tired. Onto the next evening, Calvin (not Kline) showed me his big Dob (oo'er missus) and how to find the Andromeda galaxy. I didn't think my piddly little Dobsonian would see it, as compared to his. He spent a good wee while showing us what my 8" Dobsonian was capable of. Using a 2" 28mm LET eyepiece, we could clearly see Andromeda and a parallel dust lane, as well as it's companion galaxy (M101?). For the rest of the evening, I only used that eyepiece for wide field observing. Not bad for a second hand eyepiece I bought from a fellow SGL member for £20! We packed up on the Friday and headed away around lunchtime. Everything was ringing with dew and my feet were frozen most of the time. I would have enjoyed it better, but for a constant nagging sinitus migraine headache. Not the venue's fault, just a preexisting health problem.
  4. I know you parted with some, Barry, when you upgraded to a 300p. However, I'll be keeping mine.
  5. I also went for the full BST StarGuider range.
  6. The good thing is that as they are the manufacturer, they'll be able to give it the once over and see if it's still in spec.
  7. Most of my BST eyepieces were bought from Auntie FLO, but where there's been a shortage of stock, etc. I've bought from Sky's The Limit. I think I've bought 3 from him, if I remember correctly. I've never had an issue with either retailer. I'd certainly use him again, if I was specifically after something that no one else had in stock.
  8. And if he breaks them, then it's his bad luck! I hope your neighbour stops being a 'Little Richard' soon...
  9. @estwingIf I did an observing report, it wouldn't be as good as your's. Thanks for helping me find Andromeda on Thursday night.
  10. Dob Mob sounds way better than calling yourselves a bunch of Dobbers!
  11. Both myself and Ray Baird enjoyed the star camp down at New Galloway. Very little light pollution, nice and quiet camping site and mostly clear skies, etc. It allowed us to literally see what my 8" Dobsonian was capable of. An added bonus was no neds, no junkies, no noisy neighbours, no boy racers with loud stereos and even louder exploding exhausts...
  12. I was curious about the supplied SW EP's back in March this year, when I bought my 200P Dobsonian... https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/349974-sky-watcher-skyliner-200p-eps/
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