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  1. Precisely! The ring main in the house acts like a giant aerial and radiates the PLT noise everywhere. The mains wiring wasn't designed to carry signals like that, just electricity. Because it's unshielded, it's very leaky when it comes to RF. The same goes for ADSL and VSDL in the overhead BT phone wires!
  2. The problem is that the standards either aren't enforced or self certificate. Most PLT adaptors have 'notches' to reduce the amount of interference inside the HF ham bands, but the problem is that they still generate high levels of interference. Ofcom won't do anything about it because of the money coming in from ISP's etc.
  3. Power Line Adaptors are the work of the Devil, if you happen to be a radio ham living in the vicinity! The amount of RFI they give out on HF, VHF and UHF is dreadful. I could imagine it would kill the hobby for some radio hams, even more so if they do radio astronomy in the HF region of the radio spectrum. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6IW3FVhHR58
  4. They finally switched over? Wasn't that on the cards for at least the last two decades?
  5. I've got a Meade 4000 15mm Plossl. Would a decent 2X Barlow improve things? The OEM one is plastic!
  6. It's a Meade Newtonian too. A 20 year old 114-900 EQ-1B.
  7. The 4.5 inch reflector that I use came with some cheaper MA EP. I recently got a 15mm Plossl for it. Would upgrading the 9mm MA to a similar sized Plossl be of any benefit? It also came with a cheap 2X Barlow, I guess updating that for something better would certainly help?
  8. This isn't specifically aimed at the amateur astronomer, but the radio amateur. I think the basics could still apply... http://rsgb.org/main/files/2019/12/UK-Earthing-Systems-And-RF-Earthing_Rev1.4.pdf
  9. I saw Venus for the very first time, in half decent seeing conditions. The camera phone to the EP doesn't do it justice. I could make out the phase.
  10. And people like this lead countries?
  11. I'd love to see this in your back garden, mind you with the strong storm - anything is possible!
  12. Nothing visible last night, except the local urban foxes have grown wings in that weather!
  13. Cloudy this evening and forecast storm conditions over the weekend. I think there will be no stargazing by my this weekend...
  14. May not be a hare, but a rabbit? I'll get my coat...
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