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  1. That's sofar that's been the best help I have gotten from any of the forums. My Moonlite 2.5 focuser just arrived today so I should be able to work on finding the focus point and if and what spacers I will need to use between the focuser and the backplane of the scope housing. I'm hoping it won't be too much of a pain. I know there is a learning curve with this. Especially since I've been using Refractors for so long and just now deciding to go with a reflector that has much more reach. I'm looking forward to imaging and re-imaging some of the smaller objects out there. I am still waiting
  2. I just picked up a GSO Ritchey Chretien 10". While i'm waiting on a focuser and a few other things. I tried doing some research on the back focus for one of these. I have always been using Refractors and the Ritchey Chretien are a different beast altogether. Anyway It came with 3 spacers, 2" & 2ea 1" Anyway the 2 camera set's that I will be using are the QHY600 Mono with filter wheel, and a ZWO Asi6200MC with filter tray. Normally I will be using a 55mm backfocus with these camera on my Esprit 120. However from my understanding the back focus on an RC is much further away and I am u
  3. The 174 might be 500 where your at, but bairly over 300 for me. Anyway the 120 does work, but not good enough, It does pick a star but it's not always the best star. I have no issues with phd2, but this is a personal preferance. I live is a class 8/9 sky area and the 174 has a better sensor than the 120 which is just soso. Plus the 174 has a much wider field of view
  4. I'm looking at replacing my current guidescope with a new one. I currently have a 50mm with a focal leigenth of 242mm and current camera is an asi120mini. The reasone I'm looking at a new scope is I normaly can only pickup 3 or 4 star's to choose from for my guiding. I'm thinking of someware in the 60mm range with a shortor focal leigenth. My thinking in this may be flawed, if so tell me. I have a new camera on it's way. The ASI174 to replace the 120mini. Would a guidescope with a wider appature and a shorter focal leigenth give me a wider field of view? or is it something that is a moot
  5. I am currently using a Sky Watcher 120ED on a EQ6-R mount. One thing you should be looking at is, how much weight can your mount handle and how much will the new configuration weight. If weight is an Issue, I'd recomend one of the Carbon Fiber scopes. Explorer Scientific has a dicent priced 102ED.
  6. Have you hooked this up to your Esprit 100ED, i'm looking at picking up the V2 of the focuser. Any issues other than your red blinking light?
  7. I'm pondering on getting a ZWO ASI294 cooled camera for use with my Esprit 100ED. What i'd like to know is if there will be anything else needed to ensure the camera mounts properly to the back of the scope. I'm using a DSLR now and am wanting to move to a dedicated camera. If your using this scope & camera setup. You advice and experience with it would be greatly appreciated.
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