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  1. Clouds have gone, and it's a terrific sight.
  2. Right now, Solar Chat is working fine, but I can't access Cloudy Nights. Looks like someone's warped idea of fun.
  3. Yes, good to see the sun again, and around 11.00 there was some impressive flaring around 1691, and a striking dark surge.
  4. Looks like it might be hanging for a while, but there could be more activity to watch for on the eastern limb, the prom there is growing.
  5. Great images Mark, especially in view of the brief opportunities the sun gives before it disappears back behind the trees and rooftops!
  6. That's a very impressive image! I also found that the detail showed up very differently with the tuner setting.
  7. Looking forward to seeing some images, some nice action showing on the GONG site.
  8. Large, long ejection from the north limb, started 10.45, continuing.
  9. Fantastic clips. I was lucky to catch this around 08.45 - 09.00 UK time. I didn't see the explosion itself, but the dark filaments had formed several areas of dirty patches on the disk, and as these dissipated a large bright cloud of ejected gas moved away rapidly from the limb. Everything had quietened down by 09.30. Wonderful experience.
  10. Caught the start of a lift-off at 15.30 UK time. Fast ejection of material initially, and it looks like there's plenty of action to come!
  11. Excellent, that really captures the early stage superbly!
  12. Get watching NOW if you can - the southern prom is magnificent and just lifting off.
  13. Two magnificent sets of proms this morning - if you're lucky enough to have the sun, get watching and imaging!
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