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  1. Thanks Alan, I wondered who the manufacturer of the regulators was didn't recognise the text on it. Bought a bunch of the 3.3V and 5V AMS1117 regulators the 3.3V fixed my handset. Also got some 10uf SMD tantalums coming soon. Seems most are 10uF in these ,Have one to replace a shorted one in the handset just using a standard one for now. I did check the surrounding electros they seem ok not shorted. Don't see any inductors close by but will do further checking once I remove the faulty regulators. Really appreciate your information and suggestions, with a little luck I might get the board working again. Cliff
  2. Further damage is always a possibility, depends how quick the regulators broke down.
  3. Yep the bottom one definitely has smoked and measuring the other it doesn't look good either. Looks like the 12V goes into the first guessing 5V and I think that feeds the second most likely 3.3V ? A Schematic would be nice. PCB appears to have been worked on before too! I've looked around for a schematic but so far nothing, Skywatcher won't give me one no surprise there. Pretty sure they are 3.3V or 5V regulators , got my Handset working again today. Was a 3.3V regulator in that fried.
  4. Hello, Cliff from Sydney Australia here and a relative newcomer to Astronomy, spent more time fixing stuff than using it so far . Hope this is in the right section, apologies if it isn't just looking for any possible assistance, Anyway I have had a major failure of my AZEQ6 and looks like at the very least U9 and U10 on the Main Board in the mount have failed, I suspect they are 5V and 3.3V regulator Ic's but not sure, I attached images of the two Ic's. Looks like U10 is a Dll1VA 17-33 (3.3V?) on one and U9 is a Dll1lC 17-50 (5V?). Can't find any reference on the net ? though could be the same as the ones in the handset under different numbers ? In the Synscan they are U9 is a 1139C 17-50 (5V?) and U10 is a u5FV N05A (3.3V I think) Many thanks for any assistance, Cliff
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