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  1. Thanks Luke, I'm so far really impressed by the Combo Quark I bought it used, I just thought it more versatile than a standard Quark with built in 4.3X and I have the Powermates for planetary. I don't think I'd have enough light to do 23fps deepsky it is an older Panasonic sensor same as the ZWO1600MM. Also 8bit would be no good for deepsky I think. Going to buy a Tring adapter for the Quark and I hopefully will remove the vignetting also give a solid connection and some sought of screw on Tilt Adapter. Always something else ! Clear Skies
  2. Thanks for all the positive comments Luke, Marvin ,Mark ; definitely not computer generated Marvin. Two seperate exposures one surface, one proms then stacked separately and combined in Photoshop , first time trying this idea. More work though. Only had this Combo Quark about two weeks now i think, starting to understand it and finally, getting some decent results. Only had a PST before and some white light with a 6"SCT. I was surprised how well the QHY163M worked (more for deep sky), only the files are massive from the 16megapixel compared to the little 174MM , not able to use the whole sensor as I had bad vignetting something else to fix later. Also a much heavier camera but has cooling might help in the hot Australian Summer today already 32C Clear Skies (looks like cloud here for a while) Cliff
  3. Is this the one you mean captured it this morning ? Combo Quark, 4X Powermate, Tak 76DS, QHY163M
  4. I finally got a little imaging done both in White Light using my 6"SCT with Baader Film and Ha with the Combo Quark,4X Powermate and Tak76DS. Sunspot Group 2860. Sunspots White Light .tiff Sunspots.tiffProms 1-9-2021.tiff
  5. Well today we had some Sun not great and lots of high thin cloud, enough to test the new setup with the two extensions, 4X Powermate with the Combo Quark, 1.25" prism diag. and an eyepiece. No problem getting focus though a little shaky at f30 as I used a manual Vixen mount and a light tripod but could easily see a number of prominences and the present Sunspot area. Also bought a little solar finder , I did make one and it worked ok but this one has a vixen finder foot and is more solid. Now need a clear day to try imaging.
  6. I should have annotated the image it is from the scope end a 35mm ext, 73mm ext , 4X Powermate , 40mm eyepiece also tried a ZWO174mm camera also ok. What I was saying is there is very little difference in focus position when adding a diagonal to this setup . No Quark in this setup as we have had almost sunny days lately.
  7. Ok I have a question now i have the Powermate at the end of the system , if I add a diagonal either a Tak 1.25" prism or the ES 2" there is only about 3mm difference in focus position and 6mm respectively compared to straight through ? I know its only optics but usually a diagonal adds 100mm or so as noted in above message from vlaiv
  8. I think I have had a 'Eureka' moment I was putting the Powermate or ES2X as the first item after the focuser and without a diagonal couldn't find any focus. Now i have the Extension tubes both 35mm and 70mm first then the Powermate 4X and currently a 40mm Plosil. No trouble focusing on my tree now with either 2X or 4X . So i probably need another 2" extension to use the Quark . A long system ! Getting closer I think.
  9. Yes you are right it is the ES 2" diagonal so at least a 100mm not 50mm I have no trouble reaching focus though the focuser is nearly all the way in with the ES2X. I would rather image without the diagonal so a 2" ext makes sense. (I have a 35mm and a 70mm 2" extension here) The only really good 1.25" diagonal I have is the Tak but thats a prism not mirror not sure that is ok with solar ? I would guess not. I have an old Meade 1.25" but not really that solid with the extra weight. Going with the 1.25" diagonal would mean I can't use the Powermate or ES 2X as they are both 2" unless I put it before the diagonal. Thanks again for all the suggestions/ideas Cliff
  10. This is my setup : Still waiting for a clear day - typical except for one or two days its rained since I got the Combo Quark. Takahashi FC76DS 173mm Back Focus 63mm Focus Travel Baader Clicklock 31mm Combo Quark needs 67mm rearward or 99mm with SCT wedge. ES Diagonal 50mm roughly added ES 2X Extender ? 4X Powermate ?
  11. Interesting the Explore Scientific 2X Extender I have seems to work similar to your Meade. Looks like i might need another extension tube to use the 4X Powermate.
  12. Ok thanks, makes sense. I guess the next thing is to calculate or by trial an error the back focus with the 4X Powermate. I have the ES 2" Diagonal (or without the diagonal) , Powermate 4X or ES2X , Combo Quark - eyepiece/camera.
  13. * I thought that would not be a problem, I did try my Baader IV Zoom and it seemed ok also with the ES2X * Seems the Powermate is not so critical in placement as a Barlow. * May be reducing the aperture will reduce the intensity as at least with the 2X I can see little surface detail visually good sharp Proms though. Using the 174MM camera not a problem as I can control exposure easily. * How did you calculate optimum F/ratio?. Sound like you are right with my current imaging it might be as good as I can get . I have a FSQ106ED F5 scope but it has very limited focus travel and is a Petzval type , nervous about using that on Solar. Some say its ok others say you need a ERF which is really expensive. It would give around F20 with the 4X. Really appreciate your suggestions. I can use the ES80ED F6 but the focuser assembly isn't the strongest. A lot of weight with the extenders etc.
  14. The image is using a ZWO 174MM , a Tak F7.5 scope and a ES X2 .
  15. Thanks for the ideas, yes maybe F7.5 with a 4X Powermate is pushing it ? The eyepieces I tried are my Meade 26,32,40mm Plossils. I have one of those Daystar offset filters for the front of a 8" SCT should work with my Vixen VMC200L F9 it fits. Good idea using an Aperture Mask . Though I thought larger aperture more details? Only had the Combo Quark a couple of days so lots to try.
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