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  1. Thanks, I totally agree. Although I was initially disappointed to not find a white one in stock anywhere, when I fitted it for the pictures I really liked it. And of course ... it's dark outside at night, so no one will see anyway
  2. This is a sale for a SkyWatcher EQ5 mount system: Mount: EQ5 (manual version) Polar scope Dovetail bar Tripod: 1.75" steel legs Leg spreader/eyepiece tray Weights: 2x 5kg It is in a generally excellent condition and both axes movements are very smooth. There are only a few minor marks and some chips to the paint on the saddle and weights. The leg spreader/eyepiece tray is a brand new replacement as the original went missing (hence it's black whereas the original was white). The upper polar scope hole cover is included however the lower
  3. That's a great solution, thanks for sharing the information on what motor kit you used. I'm at the planning stage of my home observatory, so this is much needed advice.
  4. That's a great looking finder. I was thinking along the lines of using a camera 90 degree viewfinder, which negates issues with focal length. I bought this one for using on my mounts polar scope, but it could serve as dual purpose for finder scope as well.
  5. Other than weight and awkward head position, why couldn't binoculars be mounted on a telescope as finders? Or perhaps dismantle a set of binoculars and use one half as a finder. There are 90 degree viewers for attaching to camera viewfinders, so that would make it easier on the neck. I have some old 10x50's laying around and a 90 degree viewer I recently acquired .. Will let you know how it goes. (If the clouds ever part)
  6. I have just purchased an "RA clock drive kit" for my Celestron CG3 mount but it's the wrong type and I can't find the correct version anywhere. It transpires that there are 2 versions of the CG3 mount: The old mount is akin to the Skywatcher EQ-2 and the motor kit has a cog whcih drives the large cog on the RA control shaft. The new mount is very different and the motor kit fits over the RA control shaft. (Bizarrely, the 2 motor kits share the same part number!) Does anyone have a new style motor kit they are willing to sell or has anyone modified the old style mo
  7. Hi Nick, great sketches as usual, thanks for sharing. At the weekend (as part of the North West AstroFest), I watched an online talk by Mary McIntyre about sketching astronomical observations. I immediately flashed back to you showing your impressive collection at PSP I still haven't managed a decent session on Mars either. Weather, health and equipment never seem to align for me, however I am always hopeful and may get a chance later this week - if the pesky clouds stay away! Duncan
  8. 6 years later I stumble across this golden nugget of information, which resolves the issues I experienced whilst starting to use mirror lock-up. Thank you
  9. Hello and welcome from another new member who has recently converted from the casual looking up to owning a scope. The learning curve is certainly steep and can appear to be over-whelming in the beginning, thankfully SGL is the font of all knowledge. I also highly recommend Wolvas for their online talks and of course the local support. I have already met up with a few members for observing sessions and have been exceptionally grateful for the help, support and encouragement given.
  10. With the age of my scope and my gorilla like approach to stopping things falling off, the thread has stripped in the holes for the tube-ring clamping bolts on my Celestron C6N, so I am exploring the option of using 'Helicoil' thread repair inserts. I don't have thread gauges or accurate verniers, so all I've managed to do is confuse myself: The shank is 1/4" but the thread is larger, somewhere around 0.3" or 5/16" or 1/4" The threads are somewhere around 20 tpi UNC? Does anyone happen to know, or is able to measure, the precise size and thread of the bolts please? I c
  11. I need to attend this to return all the items left in my tent from March .... oh and also to prove that I do actually know how to align my scope now ! (note to self - pay attention to GMT / BST setting) Count me in
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