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  1. I need to attend this to return all the items left in my tent from March .... oh and also to prove that I do actually know how to align my scope now ! (note to self - pay attention to GMT / BST setting) Count me in
  2. These forum posts are timeless. I am researching adding a helical fine focuser to my Newt, so it's been great to find that someone has previously done so. I was cautious about the intended 'guidescope use' and also whether it actually fitted correctly.
  3. pcdunx

    My Astrophotography

    My first half decent picture of the moon just using the camera (no scope). Only cropped in PS, no other alterations to image. Constructive criticism or advice appreciated, either for camera settings or PS to enhance. Canon 500d with 55-250mm STM lens. F5.6 1/160s ISO 400. Handheld, manual focus, single shot.
  4. pcdunx

    My Astrophotography

    A visual record of my progress from total novice
  5. I am happy to report that the extra night was definitely with staying for, very clear skies as forecast. I managed to get aligned well, so was able to take a tour of some of the double stars, then went on to a few stars of interest to me before finishing off with a few Messier objects. I had a great time observing but when ice formed on everything I decided it was bed time (11pm) So that officially closes PSP 2020 and all that remains is for me to thank everyone involved in the organisation of the event, thank those that made it along and wish everyone a safe time until Corona is over. Clear skies !!
  6. I am overwhelmed at the kindness, generosity and support from everyone at PSP, thank you for making me feel so welcome. Your gifts of food, beer, heater, warm clothing, planisphere and astronomy knowledge are so gratefully received. With people leaving through health or needing to be back home for family, I am the sole survivor for Sunday night. Hopefully the predicted clear skies will materialise and I get my first proper viewing in a relatively dark area. Looking forward to the next start party....
  7. Thanks, that's the impression I got. Time to load car ..... it's
  8. Before I load the car and head off to Derbyshire, can we confirm that PSP is still going ahead please?
  9. Thank you in advance, all of those would be greatly appreciated, I really hadn't expected all of this to be on offer.
  10. Myself and SteveWolves are both still down to come. We are currently consuming alcohol as it's rumoured to kill covid
  11. Hi Chris, I have recently joined SGL and just found this thread. I am in Newport (Shropshire), which in our rural area makes us near neighbours Having only just bought my first scope I am still finding my way with it all.
  12. Thanks Geoff, the Cambridge site is is a great way of trialling Turn Left before buying.
  13. Many thanks for this information. Although it is 3 years old, these items are still available, so I have just ordered a set of 3 to play with for my Canon DSLR. Seeing as they are so cheap, and for pure simplicity, I am planning to daisy 2 together as per other suggestions in this thread. Thanks also for the information in subsequent posts relating to the voltage limits that Canons seems to operate under. That will save me a whole lot of headaches
  14. Many thanks for being so welcoming, it is most appreciated and it's quite novel to find a hobby where 'newbies' aren't shunned. Fingers crossed for the weather !
  15. I have paid the deposit today and received confirmation back from the campsite Took my new scope outside last night for the first proper session. Learnt lots and accepted there is still lots to learn. Looks like clear skies tonight for Lesson 2.....
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