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  1. I have just joined the Basingstoke society ok i can redo with sevral from same night.Any idea whi in autostakkert the analyse button is blanked out unclickable ?I am not sure how to load 5 images in to autostkkert all i can di is one
  2. ok found it does autoatakkert havw quick load icon
  3. I did try to download autostakkert it seems you need to donate first,i am not mean but 75 years of age i have watch the pennies.I will attach a couple jpegs to this post
  4. My main prob is understanding it all am very new to all this,i really thought stacking was a simple thing to.CCD stack is new one to me is it free or do you have to pay,i need some real easy untill i get more experiance
  5. I am new to all this from what i see on my canon there is 2 quality raw and jpeg or am i wrong ?.I have only took a few shots of the moon liked what i saw but wanted to enhance the photos.Is there a min limit to amout of images to stack ?
  6. was trying to stack 4 but can only get one onto rgistax for some reason been told jpeg is no god for stacking
  7. Yes from a dslr but i have no movie function on camera canon 40D
  8. i can convert photos to AVi i tried loading several image but it only takes one for some reason
  9. Moon images Cornelius
  10. Not sure if am posting in correct place.I have tried stacking for the first time using registax,after 3 hours i am getting no where.First of all i find it hard to get more then one image up,and more often then not there is no set alignment on screen,ok on the odd occasion it has popped up so mo idea what i am doing wrong there.I have followed or tried to from some instructions on You Tube.The other problem i have has is when i click stack nothing happens at all. The order i have been trying to stack is Select image usually just the one is all i can get up,then assuming it is on the screen i click set alignment points,ithen bring the slider down to say 25,then i click limit stack wavelet do all save image i get nothing at all,and more often the stack does nothing on the percentage bar.Finding this a tad frustrating DEREK
  11. Hi couple of weeks ago we talking about using a DSLR on my explorer 150.Camera is a canon 40D bit old i know,i have the attachments  the Canon eos ring and the T piece. no i experimented in the garden  just on a tv antenna which was a success,photo enclosed.Now i tried on the  Moon this evening,between clouds and was a total failure,no way could i get it into focus,i tried 2 methods one with T piece direct into   telescope eye piece and again with a barlow,both failed.Is it poss i may need a extension tube to  get focus?.Telescope is non motor at the moment.Sorry to be a nuisance.    Regards derek



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    2. Ouroboros


      OK. Let us know how it goes. 🙂 

    3. djs44


      Hi got a break in the clouds removed eye piece holder attached eos ring and  screwed that direct  to the 2 inch thread whic put my camera up real close. took a photo at least i got  some thing this time.now i wish to get a closer photo i have a prob none of my  1.25 eye pieces will fit on scope as i removed the 1.25 eye piece holder.so i have no idea how to get a more detailed photo.


    4. Ouroboros


      Progress! Is that with the focuser wound right in? Or have you got some adjustment either side of the optimum focus? 

      With your telescope, that is as big as the moon will appear with the prime focus method you're  using. It's the same with my telescope, which is a 200P. The moon doesn't quite fill the photograph.

      You will be able to get a rather sharper photo. I suggest using the manual setting with the aperture set as wide as possible. You'll need short exposures because you don't have motors on your mount I think and the moon is moving all the time. Setting a higher ISO will require a shorter exposure. Experiment! 

      Focus the telescope also in manual mode using live view. Adjust the exposure duration until you see the moon clearly. You might have a x5 or x10 setting in live view which allows you to zoom in on some feature on the moon to focus carefully. 

      When you're happy with focus, shoot lots of images varying the exposure. It's called 'bracketing'.  You're more likely to get a good photo that way. One or two will probably be the right exposure. 

      Another tip: I suggest using a ten second delay so the scope vibration has time to settle after you press the shutter. 

      Practise all this in daylight. It makes it easier when you try later in the cold and dark if you're well practised during the day. 

      Good luck. 


  12. I focused telescope with telescope focuser with camera attached,before that lined scop by eye to antenna then view finder onto that,as for camera setting for sharpness sheesh i not got a clue
  13. ONly thing i not to happy on is the clarity of the photos
  14. OK guys will leave it at that for now just go to wait for the moon to raise its head now.Deep sky objects going to leave for some time happy to get photos of ~Moon-saturn-jupiter etc got to find out about srtacking next i think,appreciate the help feel like i an getting some where now
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