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  1. I have had stellerium for some time on my PC,i have now added it to my I phone and found some descepicies,now on my pc on the left are some icons that help to find for example M31 type it in and go direct to that,now on my i phone i do not have those icons on the left,my question is how do i find M31 for example.OK next prob with i phoen i have put my location in on Stellarium time is correct etc but i amm allways in night time not dayligght how can i remedy this on a i Phone please
  2. Thank you for that info,i will change finder scope,going to take a look at telrad.As for the laser pen am going to bin that.
  3. To be honest i saw one used at my astronomy club it had a nice wide beam.As j am pretty much new to astronomy my idea was to put the laser on my scope as a aid to my view finder then turn it of when found that is why i bought this one.
  4. Hi can some one advise me on green laser pens,i bought one of ebay which isjust a dot no beam what so ever.Prob not the best of plces to go to,so what is a sensible price to pay and where to go please
  5. The version i was trying said was it is compatible with my phone the ones on google play say my phone is not compatible.Beginning to wonder if my phone is the problem
  6. Hi Phillip 2 images one iis the app i trying to put on my android phone other is a screenshot of message i get.Ok i have put a file expplore onto my phone or shoud it have gone on pc,just hoping to get ap onto my mobile am at a loss now
  7. well i have installed a file explorer onto my phone say i have too associate somthnig to it i do not understand thisa part philip error message is on above screen shot iam just trying to get app to got to my android https://skyview-free.en.uptodown.com/android/download iswhat i am trying to get on my phone
  8. ok the phone is a motorola with android7 reason iwant this ap is it moves with thsky with out the need for amgnometer which i do not have.Download a file explorer such as please
  9. I am trying to down load a pp called sky view,yes i know there is Stellerium etc but i donot have gyroscope in my phone with sky view one is not needed,i have winessed the app in operation very good it is to.Now my prob getting it onto my phone i keep getting the message.Sky View3-6-1(1)APK File does not have a file associated with it for performing this action.Please in stall a app or if one is allready installed create association in the default apps settin page.This does not mean a lot to me,so i assum it is on my phone Motoc settings Apps find app with default take it out the put default in new app then download sky view.Now have treied this but get same message all the time.I cant find a default on any app only prtial defaults whi i cant seem to drop.any help be appreciated but keep it simple please as my knowledge of doing these things is poor.Many thanks Derek
  10. I have just joined the Basingstoke society ok i can redo with sevral from same night.Any idea whi in autostakkert the analyse button is blanked out unclickable ?I am not sure how to load 5 images in to autostkkert all i can di is one
  11. ok found it does autoatakkert havw quick load icon
  12. I did try to download autostakkert it seems you need to donate first,i am not mean but 75 years of age i have watch the pennies.I will attach a couple jpegs to this post
  13. My main prob is understanding it all am very new to all this,i really thought stacking was a simple thing to.CCD stack is new one to me is it free or do you have to pay,i need some real easy untill i get more experiance
  14. I am new to all this from what i see on my canon there is 2 quality raw and jpeg or am i wrong ?.I have only took a few shots of the moon liked what i saw but wanted to enhance the photos.Is there a min limit to amout of images to stack ?
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