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  1. Well, thanks Michael, after seeing your comment I went & bought one too off fleabay, received it this time though! I find the energizer too bright & stuck some masking tape over it to diffuse the light, but its still bright though. Then there's having to switch it through White to turn it off! I'm impressed with the Mira light, it has 4 led's and the coloured lens fits in front of them. As the lens is infront you;re only ever going to get red light, the lens can be flicked down to get white light only & it comes with blue & green filters aswell. The light cycles through 3 light intensities - high / med / low and the fourth switches it to flashing mode, then off.
  2. I had the same dilema but you get used to finding objects pretty quickly. I'm currently using "Turn left at Orion" (along with stellarium). There's an electronic version here, but much better having the book in the garden with you as a guide Turn left at Orion: a hundred night ... - Google Books
  3. Hi, I recently went through this having bought a SW 150p in Jan. I originally though about the SW130 model on eq mount, considered motor drives, then after reading many many posts on here decided that a) aperature was important so I upped it to a 150 motor upgrade potential at a later date c) reflector was what i needed (value £'s per aperature) d) equitorial mount rather than dob (i didn't fancy nudging scope to track objects) e) buy s/hand when the time is right I had a look at them in a shop over Xmas when i was away to get an idea for the size of the scopes available. Although teh 150 seemed massive at the time & did when i picked it up, it doesn't seem out of place now in my dining room. These are only some of my decision points, in no way comprehensive but gives you an idea of my logic, hope it helps Chris
  4. Just got a s/hand pair of these binos and am quite impressed! Size wise they are quite compact, light, and have an cast aluminium body with full rubber coating, and i can believe their claims as weatherproof etc. Although the cloud has kept me away from the stars, I've only tried them looking down the garden. First impressions are that they give avery crisp and clear view, although focusing is slow this won't be a problem when stargazing and using them on holiday etc. The only problem I've noticed is that they have large eyepiece lenses with twist up eyecups. Setting them to my eye width which I consider normal & these eyecups hit my nose which isn't big so have to have them some distance from my eyes. Apart from that they're pretty impressive. Anyone have a pair with similar problem?? Chris
  5. Classic! You'll have to let us know where you're living when you let her know your plan
  6. I enjoyed it even if it was all doom & gloom and a little slow! That Ray Mears has done the Ivory Coast survival story before for a whole hour - catch repeats on Dave - maybe he's an advisor for locations?? ..Oh and maybe the programme should have had a voice over by that Red Dwarf computer, you know, the one thats always depressed!
  7. Clear skies all day, and still clear now (sshhh!), metoffice still says its cloudy here! Scope is outside cooling down, get an hour in before Mr Cox is on the box
  8. The Cheshire collimating eyepiece on FLO is all you need, I checked mine 2 wks ago & it was slightly out but hadnlt noticed anything viewing. Checkout Astrobabys website for a good tutorial on how to go about it.
  9. Jay, I haven't got any filters yet but certainly looking to get a moon filter - after reading the above I might get a light pollution filter too as I've a bypass high level sodium streetlight 40m away shining into my garden. Chris Forgot to say the Moon is awesome, so much detail, and Saturn is A M A Z I N G !
  10. Just seen thsi on fleabay, same scope i believe Helios 6 inch Newtonian Reflector Telescope with EQ3-2 on eBay (end time 06-Mar-11 16:18:17 GMT)
  11. I purchased this scope s/hand 2mths ago & agree with the comments above, its a very capable scope & ideal beginner scope. I've been using Turn left at orion too an find it excellent for what i want ie someone to tell me where to look
  12. Not yet Gilps, though the 10mm is off my list of ep's as it doesn't give me the right spread of magnification i'm after. I think it may need a call to FLO to find out.
  13. I just might have to get one of these, have you tried using the telrad finder charts? Chris
  14. Thats a good recommendation then! I'm using a 150p on eq3-2 mount and am finding it difficult to pinpoint DSO's - I end up in the general direction on a nearby star & "scan" the area through the scope until i find what i'm after (I'm quite good at it now!) but it still takes time & I do get frustrated.
  15. I use the Beeb weather, metcheck, and this I recently found on here 7Timer! - numerical weather forecast for anywhere over the world
  16. My 8mm hyperion gives 188x mag with 2x barlow - saturn looks good with detail clearly visible, I'm thinking of 14mm FTR to give me option of 125x & 250x mag
  17. Ronseal

    help help help

    Aim your scope at some known nebula and planets. Orion nebula is easily visible by eye, great in a scope, look east from now onwards and you will see Saturn rising (maybe need an hour or 2 fo rit rise higher), always good on high mag - you should be able to see the rings easily.
  18. I'm interested in this as currently thinking on what ep's or barlow to get for my f5 150p other than the 8mm and 24mm hyperions i have. At 5mm on f5, looking at your sig I assume you're at around 250x mag - that should be good for planetary work inc. Jupiter, moon etc
  19. "Chronicles of Riddick" - what an awesome film of the big screen with surround sound cranked up
  20. Just out helping the misses unload the car & switch them round, I look up at Orion & what do I see, ISS passing just above it, great timing or what
  21. Nice one, WOW moments are great! If you're still out, Saturn should be visible in the East, go for another WOW!
  22. Does anyone know the focal length changes to a 10mm baader Hyperion with the 14 & 28mm FTR's in either or both combinations? All the tables on FLO or anywhere don't include the 10mm ep, presumably because its new?? Thanks Chris
  23. Just come in after a quick hour observing, always like to finish on Saturn. I could see Titan quite clearly and the rings v.clearly at x188 mag.
  24. Oops, thought I read 8.12 yesterday, that would have been right time -but as pointed out wrong direction
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