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  1. Hi, I've previously made a dew shield for my telrad out of 2mm craft foam and works very well, & now want to make a dew/light shield for my 150p mainly to keep stray light out from street lamps & floodlights. I've searched & read numerous posts and thought I'd found the ideal solution, a tesco yoga mat. First visit they were out of stock, tonight they were in stock but only had pink or turquoise! I also didn't like the pimpled surface either. So, I need a plan B, what material on fleabay should I be getting ie type of foam? (I've seen neoprene suggested, but being a scuba diver I don't rate this for holding its shape) Any suggestions welcome, Thanks
  2. Thanks guys, I could see the bands but couldn't make out the spot, tried with & without moon filter..... must be my eyes!
  3. Cheers tingting44, but I just missed it Lol!
  4. Been out with scope since I got in from work, looking at Jupiter mainly & trying to see the great red spot. Stellarium says it's visible from about 12:15am, thing is, is Stellarium accurate? If not when is it visible? I'm using x174 with no Barlow but ep misted up so come in for tea & demist, tried x250 with Barlow but on the edge of seeing where I am so backed off a bit - either way I can't make out the spot in the bands so assuming it isn't there yet! Cheers Chris
  5. Yup that's the one, I'll have a look at the nd96 too.
  6. Lol - hyperion that should read, bloomin predictive text!
  7. Looking to get a baader moon filter from flo, a) are they the best option, what size do I need & where does it fit? Cheer Chris
  8. I got both my Stellar 15x70's and Pentax PCF WP2 8x40's off ebay for £70 and £50 respectively, very good value and both in excellent condition with cases etc. I tend to use the 8x40's more so both while I'm waiting for the scope to cool down and also when i'm away from the house as they're small & light and have excellent optics.
  9. I'm still on the original set of batteries on my telrad, and thats even after I forgot to turn it off once when i packed away!
  10. Ronseal


    Nice pic, what settings did you use? I dragged the wife out to see this as its just superb!
  11. Hi Keith, the hyperion doesn't look right, it doesn't have a field lens assy as other hyperions do, its just a screw on "adaptor" from 2" to 1.25" focusers. Yours looks like it has something in the screw on piece narrowing the FOV or as you say he's put the wrong one on! Hope thats some help, Chris
  12. I came back from 12 days in Italy last week, rural east coast (olive picking) - every night bar 2 were completely clear, even with a full moon stars and constellations were easily visible with the naked eye
  13. Nice one! Do you still have the Swamp Buggy races nr Tampa (Naples) every year??
  14. Hi & welcome! Thats a nice scope, just wait till you see saturn!
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