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  1. Yes there are, i confirm.
  2. On cloudynights there are Mazerski and Eddgie who use the Boren-Simon 6" with NV.
  3. Like @PeterW i would recommend the Boren-Simon 6" . At F/2.9 it seems to be the perfect grab and go scope for Night Vision. Mainly for very wide nebulas. I don't have it but i will probably order it soon, i should write this in my letter to Santa Claus
  4. Hi @Deadlake, you have very good questions. Before speaking about the tube, let's speak about the body (monocular). In the link you posted, please note this monocular can only be used in afocal. Prime focus is not possible. So no way to use it like a glass eyepiece. Also no way to use it handheld (like binoculars) with camera lens. It doesnt' have c-mount. Only 1x is possible with its front lens and no adapter to add h-alpha filter. To see Barnard Loop, all big nebulas (America, California, Rosette...) is breathtaking. There is no way to imagine how amazing it is without tryi
  5. Hi, The 27mm integrated eyepieces in the OVNI-B will double the magnification of your TV55mm used in afocal. You just have to use the 2" or 1.25" including adapters, it’s plug and play like any binoviewer. OVNI-B is made to be use in prime, afocal and handheld, like the OVNI-M. Kind regards, Jonathan
  6. Hi, Yes TV recommends an extension tube with their 55mm plossl. Nice comparison between your OVNI-B and the Binotron. And glad you enjoyed M13, so many stars unseenn with glass eyepiece. Kind regards, Joko
  7. Hello, I am the seller of these 2nd hand NV mentionned by @GavStar Please note this is my 1st message on StargazersLounge but i'm on Cloudynights since 2008 and also on French forums...because i'm French. Few more details about the previous comments i read, please note the used tubes are checked and work perfectly. Only the best are chosen, lighting strong and cleaned. I am an astronomer and i do not keep tubes that do not match those criterias. Also do not forget after 10000hours tubes keep working but they can loose a bit of light. They can work up to 20000 hours (=2 hours eac
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