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  1. To close my case, some pictures of the work done, with a small 3d printed box (waiting for the rowan kit and go !) :
  2. Found it ! I found a topic about DB9 and Rj45 were someone said that there are crossed and straight wires, one wire communicates one way, the other one is the opposite. So I tried with RXD and TXD inverted, and now it's working great So with my Orion Atlas EQG and the pinouts found out there, I had to invert RDX and TXD wires to make it works. I don't know if it's the same with EQ6 Pro mounts, but it can be so. Thank again for your help.
  3. Thx, I'll check. I think it's OK, I tried with a multimeter to be sure not to burn everything... maybe I forgot something. OK, yes my mount is exactly the same as the EQ6 (reseller's parts can be used for one or the other trademark) even handset and mainboards.
  4. Thank you, but the DB9 is were I plug my handset. I don't have any other connector. The picture is from an Orion Sirius EQG, mine is the Atlas EQG (DB9 for handset, and RJ for auto guider) :
  5. Thank you for your answer, but I'm not sure to understand. I don't have a 18V supply, the mount works with 12V, and the module works @ 4,5 to 6V. Here is what I did (the DB9 cable is the original one, I added a RJ45 female to connect to the DT-06) :
  6. Hi, I tried to build this module with the 5v converter, and it seems to start properly. I plugged it on my Atlas EQG (I had to make a DB9 to Rj45 cable), but in the Synscan app, it says : Cannot connect. The blue light blinks a lot when the app tries to connect, so I guess the connections are OK..? Any idea ? (sorry for my English, from France) Edit : To clarify, I can access the module from my smartphone (or a PC), and change the settings. I used the original DB9 wire from the EQ6, and used an adaptator to connect it to the WiFi module (all wires are correctly connected, power working fine). I tried with another smartphone and a PC with Synscan app for windows, same result.
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