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  1. Any height u want really as long as u can still balance it Joejaguar
  2. weird i did reply hrs ago from my phone but now i can see it didnt save ok so my sw heratage mirror is held in place to the rim of the scope and it being held by 1 nut so make sure this nut is tight. other than that is just 1 screw that holds the mirror and 3 collimation screws if u dont see a nut tight against the rim holding the rod then maybe the nut went missing. was this new or used scope? joe
  3. The square isn't so hard to see but it's not easy either. But also the square is pretty big in the sky maybe your trying to find a small or smallish square. Try again this time try looking for a very large square. Could also be if any light source is in your way this will dim futher the dim constellations. If u looking at a map in the sky it maybe 3x the size, of course the map or chart cant be to scale as appears to us or that would need to be on 2x2ft pages. It something I got used to long ago and it helped. So if something is like 3 inches from a star on my map since the constellations will be bigger in sky I dont aim for the same 3 inches away but more 6 to 9 inches to compensate Hope that kinda helps Joejaguar
  4. Ok I'm gonna check it out asap get u an answer in next hr or so I found the box even tho I already packed it I'll open it up and tell u Joejaguar
  5. ohh damn now I see I didn't see the date only it was the top of the list so that's y I replied ohh well joe
  6. what about using a 8" post going from a 5" to 8" would be a big improvmemnt I don't think any tripods are water proff at all. You can easily have one 20 years old that looks really good if you take inside evertime, but if it needs to be outside 24/7/52 weeks a yr you must do things as people above have mentioned or after 3 to 5 years it mat be dead. if you do water protection u may get it to 10 yrs. altho to me the tripod is light compared to the mount and weights joejaguar
  7. problem is since u only told us the diameter (114) we don't know what focal length u r talking about. so lets say all 4.5" (114mm) should all do max 228x power. so a short medium or long 114mm scope would all use different eps to get to the max powers ie: at 500mm fl 6mm with barlow is 166x power at 1000mm fl (like the original guy here talking about) 6mm with barlow is 333x power too much power so since we don't know your fl we cant figure if 6mm with barlow is too much not enough or ok joejaguar
  8. Depends on the camera tripod. It should be a medium weight one. I have tried it on a Amazon $30 model and it's not stable enough. U probably need 80 $99 tripod and I would recommend one with slow motion controls. The mak being really long will have a smaller fov so slow motion controls helps. But this may even cost more on the tripod. What about a az3 dont they have that package or az4? These wont be too much more heavier but stable could be just as important Joejaguar
  9. Also these filter r norm only used for nebulas not galaxies Joejaguar
  10. If it's that that u circled in red then yes just tighten it and it should be ok Joejaguar
  11. I wouldn't mess with collamation new people may not even know how to properly do it. As far as how high the tube should be I think all the way up, if it's not it wont be 650mm focal length tube but but less if ots not up all the way Joejaguar
  12. I norm use the least weights even if it's near the bottom, it's much easier to carry. Joejaguar
  13. What's weird is a sct or mak norm doesnt need a Barlow. Try each eye alone is it same thing? U can also try the Barlow thing doesnt hurt to try Joejaguar
  14. I like the Kendrick ones as they are felt lined and help prolong the dew longer. If it doesnt have the notch u can just cut it out Joejaguar
  15. I agree with others going from a 4.5 to 5.1 is not going to be a huge difference. Its gonna be small. I also agree if u upgrade then next step is 150mm size, a eq3 or4 is fine for that size. Joejaguar
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