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  1. U can keep the scope and add a focal reducer it will turn it into an f5.8 which is only 1 focal ratio more then your talking about. 2nd or get a 2 inch diagonal and a low power ep like a 50 to 55mm 2 inch Or both and that's probably just even wider than the 6 inch f5 Joejaguar
  2. agree for low cost and most times the extra 7 to 9% wont do much anyway. our eyes cant detect anything under 9% anyway as it too small for eyes to process, a camera could but that's a different story. I also have 2 or 3 none dieelectrics too and they are fine for normal use anyway good buy for $50 joejaguar
  3. Seems to cheap I have bought these for 169 plus taxes almost 200, with the name brand models. I also just sold a brand new one just last week that came with my skywatcher 100ed f9 that I just got like 2 weeks ago. I sold it for 125 it wasn't used I just didnt need it as I have my own but still has to be cheaper than someone buying from store. So is skywatcher meade celestron and Orion just making 3x what they should off us? Or is this Amazon to cheap and it's not a real dielectric? Joejaguar
  4. For me I would put it on eq3 or cg4 Joejaguar
  5. Think was 2004 maybe 2005 I think I got one of the first ones made Joejaguar
  6. weird i made 1 more post from my cell phone but now i see it not here ok i said this i have 2 more things to add to this 1- i think get the SW 100ed f/9 that way u get the best corrected/image quailty from a mass produced scope in this price range u can get. If you need a wider view you can always buy the focal reducer (not cheap) but least its an option. That way IF you need/want to make it an f/7 which matches that other scope. BUt its still a much better glass scope with 53 glass. it just will still be abit longer thats all. so bascally what iam saying u can make the SWf/9 a F/7 BUT if u buy an f7 51 glass scope u cant make it f/9 and better corrected/better image quailty later. 2- or if you have a 2" diagonal and like me a meade #4000 56mm 2"ep then thats only 16x power and 3.25 degree fov which is big. theres only a few things that may be abit bigger and if you go this way u dont need the focal reducer then. joejaguar
  7. I have the sw 100f9 ed it's a very well corrected scope with zero colour. It's been out for years and always got great reviews. It's called evostar now but was the black diamond before. Everthings the same cept the name. B4 that it was called gold pro. Anyway that's gonna be very hard to beat it's a doublet 53 glass and at f9 that's almost as good as the best. Its rated at 98%on the MTV chart or Abbie rating. Mine is 6 lbs that light my takahashi 102 TSA is 15 lbs. The ts doesnt say what it is besides a premium ed glass. So I'm not sure is that 53 glass or 51? Even if it was 53 glass being f7 brings it down to 93%which is still good but less if its 51 glass it's about 85% rating. If u could find that out that would be good. I dont see many ts scopes in cdn at all since its mainly sold over there more and here they probably got another similar name brand. If its 53 glass then do u want bit more portable? Or best colour image u can get?. If its portability u want then do ts, if image quality then SW 100ed However if the ts is a 51 glass I think get sw 100ed there will be a difference in 85% to 98% Joejaguar
  8. So another scope that's semi big but portable is the 6 inch sct. It may be a bit better than 5 mak cause its 1 inch bigger so you will see more. The mak also has a smaller field of view so the sct may be a better all around scope. U can also bring it on planes as it just fit on carry one. It weights 6 lbs. U can also use a eq2 for lighter packages since it's so light for the weight Joejaguar
  9. ok heres my thought dont get mad just saying my opinion i just repleced the stock focuser of my tak tsa 102 to a moonlight dual speed AND it was very expensive. iam talking about the whole focuser asseble tho not sure if u can just get a cheaper set-up. total cost me $712, now if i didnt have a expensive scope and it was a more entry level i probally wounld not have done it. since i see u r talking about a 5" acro would it make sence to sell it and dont spend the money on the focuser and maybe just something bigger or apo? just throwing that out there. to me the focuser would be 2x the amount of the scope. Altho again iam not sure if theres a cheaper adptor that can be just attcked to the end to make it alot cheaper than mine was, cause mine is threaded from the end of the tube etc. joejaguar
  10. i dont think it needs to be alot i found 2 half acres lots cheap $5k each soo many people pay that just on a ap setup even more or have multi scopes (well i do to tho) but having your own small acrea that noone can kick u out of and u can pick it in the darkest spots u can get to is not alot. Iam not talking about $100,000 lot just something small out of the way etc. and if its not near any lake river its sooo much cheaper than waterfront lots. joejaguar
  11. no u can use a telrad or rigel just to align stars then turn it off iam pretty sure theres even a telrad with mirror u look down into and not through, i have never owned one and also the telrad will be kinda long on your scope tho. they also have risers for these joejaguar
  12. wait 500 uk money is 820 cdn so i would get a 8"f/5 reflector on eq5
  13. a 6"f/5 reflector on cg4 its bit more then $600 but close enough joejaguar
  14. but he said fustr with rdf what are others using so i said i use telrad and rigels only
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