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  1. 10" is a really nice size for dso (deep sky objects) but its heavier and more bulky will it be fron iside your place to the backyard only? if so then sure get the 10" take the base first then the tube. if u have to carry it to a pary etc then 8" will be max or too much depending how far Joejaguar
  2. you can put motors on a dob BUT I think its very expensive like $500 to $600 cdn to me that's way too much as that's as much as the whole scope. I look at it like an extra or accessory should verey be that much as the main product, it should be like 10%. That's the good news about putting those simple ra drive to a eq1 eq2 or a eq3 its like $50 The difference tho of the 2 will be huge. The 8" will collect a lot more light and if u want to look at the deep sky stuff that's where u need to be to start 8" and up. The dob has no manual controls and high power viewing I find is not t
  3. if u do you only have to use the slow motion control on one axis so its worth doing, your polar alignment doesn't have to be perfect. if u have the polar scope just put Polaris dead center of the cross hairs. if u have a eq2 type with no polar scope just point the shaft to Polaris and again its close enough u will manilly use 1 control and the other just a bit only. joejaguar
  4. heres my thoughts I think I rather go with the 90mm refractor, im assuming its f/10? if so colour correction will be good and images will be also good with no central mirror. The 130 sw heritage if not collimated wont get the best views. lately I read most new people just love to touch the collimation of a scope. I think it best un touched. The reflector will give you bit brighter views BUT it wont be huge as its only a 5.1" vs a 3.5". The reflector will lose at least a full inch or bit more compared to a refrector anyway. so really its a 3.5 vs a 4" which wont be that much
  5. Nether those, they are too big for a eq5 mount for. Visual could be ok but not ap /imaging with eq5 should be 130 reflector or 80mm ed refractor joejaguar
  6. I never use those screes i just remove them joejaguar
  7. Normally it’s easier to do that from A dob to an EQ mount because you just have to add two rings in a vixen bar and that’s it however you’re trying to do it backwards which means you need the round bearings and then you have to mount it on the OTA where is balance perfect and then you have to build yourself a base so I definitely think it’s harder this way did the reverse joejaguar
  8. You can try the sky watcher the Eq5 you could also try to HEQ5 you could try the meade Lxd 85 and yes the AVX will work as well The AVX is Celestron’s version or newer version of the EQ five joejaguar
  9. I have the lxd75 and did a review vs the lxd 70 on video but i haven’t nt put it out yet. I might in next few weeks tho but i did take out the goto motor and Drives and hand control and just made it manual mount with with motors on both axis go to it’s just becoming sometimes more trouble than it’s worth joejaguar
  10. Ya 55came out bit ealier than 75 it could have been the first year the 55 got not great reviews and they beefed up the mounts and produced the 75 which is not rock soild but better and good for visual if u can just get the 75 version joejaguar
  11. Since the se 6 is only 7 lbs and only 12 inches long u could use a cg5 goto or a avx goto mount joejaguar
  12. Yep the lxd75 is kinda heavy duty eq5mount in fact it still has the 2inch thick tripod legs where the lxd55 is kinda like a eq4.5 type mount but uses the thin aluminium legs that eq3 has but also those Schmidt newts are f4 but with the corrector on it behaves like a f5 reflector but it’s bit smaller for portability joejaguar
  13. Sounds like u still need a extender or do u know if they moved main mirror up 2 inches for imaging? If so can you move the mirror back down 2 inches? joejaguar
  14. I would prefer a 8” with 150x power vs 80mm at 150x i don’t live in uk but I guess I can give u my experience the 80 will be maxed out almost where the 8” won’t be also u will see more dimmer detail overal to or if it’s manilly for the sun moon and planets and double stars a 4 to 5 inch top end apo refractor will also be great cristal views joejaguar
  15. Also blowing up the image the light is spread over a larger area so it gets less clear just up the power till this happens then back down about for as large as u can get but still clear joejaguar
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