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  1. Hello everyone, Photo of Mercury transit with my astro photography rig, adjusted slightly for Solar photography Location: Croxley Green, Hertfordshire, UK Date: 11/11/2019 Time: 13:07 local time Visibility: very poor Telescope: second hand Celestron Astro Fi 90mm refractor OTA Solar filter: piece of Baader solar filter film glued to the cardboard ring Mount and tripod: Sky-Watcher Star Discovery AZ GOTO Mount & Steel Tripod with V4 SynScan hand controller Eyepiece: stock Celestron KE 25mm Wide Angle fully coated (on that came with a telescope) Technique used: Eyepiece projection Camera: Sony Xperia Z5 Compact phone Camera connector: stock Celestron Lens Cap/Smartphone Adapter (one that came with a telescope) Software used for processing: Adobe Photoshop Express mobile phone app. I hope you will enjoy, and please too harsh in your comments, as it is my second astronomical photography, after the photo of the Moon (or was it the other way round?)
  2. Good afternoon everyone, I am trying to find a coiled DC lead to power my Sky-Watcher Star Discovery AZ GOTO Mount from Celestron PowerTank Lithium. I think that would be much better cable management option than the stock one. Mount came with a SynScan handset with coiled cable and is very flexible and I like it very much. Has someone came across such thing? I'm not afraid of a bit of DIY soldering also, don't know however what exact type of plugs I should be looking for? Thank you very much for all your advise.
  3. Hello, What are those PODs exactly?
  4. Hello, Thank you very much for your kind advise. May I ask which exactly 16mm eyepiece you are using?
  5. Good morning midatlantico61, Thank you for your kind and prompt reply. I can assure you I've given it a lot of consideration before the purchase, went for the local astro club meetings, star parties etc. Still, went for the second hand not to loose too much money in case my choice was wrong. Surprise, surprise, I'm very happy with that scope so far. You see, not everyone has a luxury of living in villa under pristine skies of Azores. Some of us are living in 3-bed semi with limited storage, on the outskirts of light polluted London, and are still trying to pursue their passion in life. There are those small things in life that make you happy and I clearly stated that I am very happy and excited with what I've got and simply asked for the advice on the eyepiece, not on the telescope. It is my first 'serious' scope. Maybe in the future, when I'll get bored with my tiny 6" I'll get me something bigger and then good ep will be already there waiting. Sadly, the first one to reply to my post was the one that crawled out of his nerdy cave in Azores just to criticise my rig, instead of answering my straightforward question. I wish you all the best watching skies through your massive telescopes you are so proudly presenting on your profile picture, pal. P.S. Feels like you, old sport might have purchased the wrong scope, as where you live clearly good pair of binoculars would probably have been a better choice.
  6. Hello everyone, Bit of a backround: I've been a keen stargazer when in my teenage years, then couldn't pursuit my passion, but recently, in my forties, it hit me again, as I moved and life is good (South facing large garden, obstructed only from the North by our house, but then I just move the scope further and viola!). Started with 90mm refractor, but was always thinking of reflector. Long story short, I've got my SkyWatcher Star Discovery 150P GOTO a week ago. Bought it second hand, very good condition, and good mirror. Have got two nights stargazing, cought cold and I AM LOVING IT. Now I would like to get me a nice wide angle ep for DSO spotting. The scope is 150mm / 750mm f5. I've done some reading obviously, and Explore Scientific 82 degree series have all good reviews and fit within my budget. I can afford only one, and apparently the best for DSOs is the one that gives 2mm exit pupil. Now, for my scope that would be 10mm piece, and that is not within ES 82 degree range, so it's down to 11mm (2.2mm exit pupil) or 8.8mm (1.76mm exit pupil). My question is: which one would be better for my rediscovered passion? I'm gonna be using that ep for faint mostly. Thanks to everyone in advance for any kind advise.
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