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  1. I too have the Edge 8 HD and 0.7 reducer, though I’m using the AVX mount. I’m in the process of upgrading my AVX for the CGX-L mount, so I’m great full for you're review. Thank you
  2. StarSense is a brilliant piece of kit. The video below will get you up and running in minutes, much easier then the instructions. Enjoy * I use Celestron GPS with mine, saves having to input time,date, etc etc.
  3. Hello Baz I’m using a EclipSmart Solar Filter, though it’s designed for SCT’s. This will hopefully give you a rough idea on what can be achieved. I’ve had some success imaging Sun Spots and the Mercury transit, last year.
  4. Only choose one object in the sky, to either image or view, what would it be? And... why? For me, it would be imaging the Milky Way in a remote location with a scenic backdrop. I could travel light with just a camera and tripod.
  5. Like with anything in life. You weigh up all the options and hopefully do what’s best... I’ve just turned 40, never been married or had children and I’m mortgage free! I either sell up and buy two smaller properties in the UK to rent out. Buying something smaller in Spain sounds really appealing right now, (with pool). Retire early doors, living off the rent income, (Sounds so easy on paper). Or carry on as normal...
  6. Clear patches in between the thunder, hail, rain, sleet and wind... On a brighter note, I was watching a Location, Location, Location repeat. For under £30k you can buy a 4 bed villa in the Spanish mountains with amazing views and minimal light pollution. This has seriously got me thinking tonight ..... A two bedroom villa and pool would be sufficient for my needs. I would be able to use my Telescope on my terms and not be dictated by the UK weather.
  7. Hi Baz No, with a DSLR camera. The small sensors inside smartphones restrict what you can do, but it is certainly possible. If you can find yourself a dark site, you will be truly blown away.
  8. Here’s my first attempt at light painting while travelling, In fact it was my first time ever using a DSLR camera. I had all ready carried the camera and tripod around in the bottom of my rucksack for 6 months without any use. Fiji’s made up of over three hundred islands. I was just under five hours away by boat from the main island so the night sky was amazingly dark. I got talking to a fellow traveller the day before on a day trip who gave me a quick tutorial on the basic functions and settings I would need. The equipment i used: Canon 1300D, Manfrotto Travel Tripod, Remote Switch and a Head Torch. Oh and it helps if you have a assistant too like Debbie McGee... I had my Debbie McGee lookalike hold the torch. The trick is to turn the torch on writing a letter backwards into thin air, turn off the torch and for you’re assistant to move a few steps to there left and repeat the process till you’ve spelt out what ever you wish, all under 30 seconds. It’s great fun for all ages and you can be as imaginative as you like. You don’t even have to write, you can just stand still and draw shapes. The pictures I took are still in a RAW format so I haven’t processed anything. I’m hopeful some processing will bring out more detail in the night sky. A different island & assistant...
  9. I definitely had the wow experience in Fiji. Luckily, I downloaded a app beforehand. I found it very disorientating to begin with as I didn’t know where to look. With the app, I could at least find familia objects in the night sky.
  10. I’m bortle 5 too and from my observatory I can’t see Andromeda with my naked eye or 10x50 bins... Though to be honest I haven’t exactly tried very hard, after a few minutes of searching, I give up and just use my GoTo Mount. Within seconds, I have Andromeda in the eyepiece (8” SCT). Below was a 90 second sub @200mm of Andromeda, piggybacked.
  11. Impressive image Gina, well done. With my vivid imagination... I see a jellyfish swimming amongst plankton in your image, minus the colour.
  12. Hi Dave I’ve been enjoying this thread, looks impressive... I’m a chippy by trade and I use these ”Easydrive countersunk screws” linked below, no plugs needed. https://www.screwfix.com/c/screws-nails-fixings/masonry-screws/cat840054?cm_sp=managedredirect-_-screwsfixings-_-masonryscrews Ben
  13. I poured my dome base in one hit during last summer’s heatwave. Six inches of concrete + pier hole which was 800 wide and 600 deep. I’ve had no issues with cracking, however I did water the concrete 3 times a day to stop it from drying out to quickly.
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