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  1. AVX Mount 8 Edge HD SCT 0.7 x reducer Celestron Eclip Smart Solar Filter Canon 1300D Camera ISO 100, 1/100 No processing ATB Ben
  2. That’s harsh and you’re only the next county over. Weather can be so unpredictable, even on a local scale. I’ve been working less then 3 miles away from home before where the weathers been biblical, come home and find out it’s been dry all day. Only another 13 years and two days... Ben
  3. iPhone 7 over a 40mm eyepiece.
  4. Had clear sky most the afternoon here in North Wiltshire. I wasn’t able to catch the first 15 minutes, more due to the neighbours hedge and sun being so low. Managed to image between 1 & 2:30pm and finished the afternoon observing till the sun had disappeared behind the house. I prefer the second picture with the clouds, looks more dramatic... Thanks for looking Ben
  5. I took this earlier, only using a iPhone and smartphone adapter over the eyepiece. Tomorrow’s forecast for my area of Wiltshire looks promising, maybe a few clouds but mainly sunny. I did buy a ZWO ASI 224MC USB 3.0 Colour Camera over the weekend but I’ll stick with my trusty dslr tomorrow, having not used a ccd camera before.
  6. You couldn’t of posted this at a better time for me. I’ve just brought a piggyback mount, which I intend to use my Canon 1300D + entry level 70/300mm lens and capture Andromeda. Great photo
  7. I use the standard 40mm eyepiece and these ( 9mm & 12mm) from Celestron with my 8 Edge Hd. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/celestron-eyepieces/celestron-x-cel-lx-eyepiece.html
  8. A dew hood will hold the dew at bay and give you a little longer time then not having one. Eventually you will succumb to dew unless you have dew heaters. I have a SCT and use a 8” dew band at the top just below the glass and a 2” band, either around my focal reducer or my eyepiece. Haven’t had a dew problem since, a worth while investment.
  9. Just finished defrosting myself under the shower, 5 hours wearing shorts & flip flops has taken its toll. Jeez I’m stubborn sometimes.... I did manage one lunar picture.
  10. I’ve had lovely blue sky all day, even managed to cut the lawn. Looking good till 2am on weather app.
  11. Benjam

    Messier 74

    I initially thought it was a photo, till I read the text.
  12. My declination issue is now fixed. Martin from Flo, very kindly suggested I use a front counterweight made by ADM (£52).
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