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  1. Sorry Bilbo they are both Protec versions so will check out the distances.Bilbo it's either the Altaire 183c pro or then ZWO 533 c pro . i,ve put The ZWO 533 on the ASIair and took image with this set up with 110 mm back focus or a little bit more and get focal length to be 1023 mm fl. not the 948 mm I was expecting so I,lol redo with different spacers to get the f ration down a bit.
  2. I,m looking at the ZWO EAF focusser for my Celestron 6SE. The bracket that you can buy from ZWO does not fit the 6SE model only 8 and above. does anyone have a 3D model that would fit the 6" ? This is the one with a direct coupling between motor and focus shaft, not the belt drive one that you can get on Thingyverse.
  3. Bilbo it's either the Altaire 183c pro or then ZWO 533 c pro . i,ve put The ZWO 533 on the ASIair and took image with this set up with 110 mm back focus or a little bit more and get focal length to be 1023 mm fl. not the 948 mm I was expecting so I,lol redo with different spacers to get the f ration down a bit.
  4. Can you use a Hitecast dc Focuser or does it have to be stepper motor in the Autofocusser app?
  5. Cheers Bilbo will have a play around as I,ve got different spacers. That's at the recommended 110 mm back focus. it definitely gives a wider veiw however as I,m wanting to do EAA with the SCT it's the f 6.3 that I,m after so I,lol try and get it faster as it means shorter image time.
  6. Hi guys it's been a while. I,ve taken off the Crayford and fitted reducer to back plate and have 110 mm ish.Now it's fine so have Crayford for sale and will fit an EAF Focuser to the focus shaft in the future. Thanks for the assistance.
  7. Just a note the Cem 26 must have the HC installed on the mount to get WIFI . i,ve got it connected to the ASIair and you need the HC in tonget the WIFI and ASIair to communicate.
  8. Cheers Vacuum will look at it again with these , I think I,ve done it all there seems to be no mount revision needed cause it's new and firmware is the one supplied. I,lol relook at Stellarium following the link.
  9. Cannot find an Ascom driver for the CEM 26 ? Seen them for Cem 40 and 60 . Is it on its way ,do I need it , will one of the others do. i get Ioptron Commander so choose CEM 26 and then put Commander in charge. Is this the same ? then trying to get Stellarium to run mount and choose Ascom but it doesn't work.
  10. Sounds good set up. the reason I need Crayford is I cannot focus correctly by the SCT Focuser I cannot control it and naturally you get camera shake. By having the DC Hitecast Focuser on the Crayford I can get Focusing spot on.
  11. Yeagh Noah your right the clearance is an issue so I,m putting it onto my CEM 26. !! The scope comes in at just over 4 kgs and mount can manage 5-6 kgs so will give it a try when we get clearer sky's. A couple of friends at the Astro club are going through the same problem and they've come up with using the flip mirror attachement after the reducer this is acting as the spacer? Haven't tried it yet. so SCT,Crayford,reducer,flip mirror,maybe some shims,camera. i,lol let you know if it works.
  12. Actually got it working now. Went onto ZWO support and they got me to change the settings on the tablet ASIair feed by altering the STA settings. thanks for replying .
  13. Cannot connect CEM 26 onto ASI air v1 using a tablet. AsIair sees the WIFI signal from the mount handset. HBX 849 . connecting to the ASI air signal going into the Scope icon trying to select mount but it only shows CEM 26 EC not just CEM 26 . Selecting Ethernet, 10.0.0 etc selecting buad rate actually tried them all . But does not connect. i have asked on ASIair forum , tried contacting ZWO support. has anyone actually done this and can you guid e me through it please.
  14. Brown Dwarf and Trailer Trash - Bingo it works and slews to target using the Go to hadn't tried it so thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I just tried the arrow buttons, !!! Now I,m fairly confident I can Plate solve and use Goto etc , that's whenever I can next see a star !!!
  15. Has anyone installed the CEM 26 in APT and got it to work,if so how? i,be tried in both WIFI and USB but no luck. I,be got the Ioptron commander on Ascom and it works both ways on its own. i then go into APT and connect scope with Ascom it identifies the mount CEM 26 then if you go properties it says that the mount is being controlled through the Commander so you say OK. It recognises the mount and puts in the RA and Dec positions but when you try and use the NSEW controls it comes up error message and nothing happens.
  16. thanks for the advice. Then I would need a 2" tube lens fitting to go into the Crayford with an SCT screw thread so I could then fit a spacer to get the 105 mm focal length and screw camera to it taking into account the focal lens position? Would this still work? As the focus isn't great I as its about 5 mm too long, I thought it would still focus but as suggested the f ratio would maybe 0.6 anyreason whyfocus should be out.
  17. Cheers, this is where I,m at present. I,be read it's 105 mm back focus which is what yours look likes. I,ve got the Crayford Motorised so I still get that ability to auto focus . It's 110mm so it's out a bit. I,m going to get a thinner 2" fitting with a 42mm thread so can fit Camera directly onto it so will get it around 6 mm closer . Hopefully that is enough. Will keep everyone informed. What's your thoughts on that!
  18. Cheers Robert, from camera focal point to reducer lens is that 105mm .is that right.
  19. What size of thread is on the Celestron 6SE SCT visual back ?
  20. Has anyone got the Shoestring FCUSB to run on Autofocus in a free app. NINA,APT,Sharpcap etc. I,m not looking for repeatability re stepper motor. i know there are several comments on forums where it cannot be done because it's a 32 bit driver,not64bit as generally required. NINA has a relative Focuser ability but I cannot get it to work. I followed someone's advice and downloaded Bahtinof Grabber and in here you can run it in Poth mode for an Ascom driver and use 32 bit driver. Downloaded NINA as 32 bit and thought relative Focuser through Ascom would be the answer. So as the apps are changing etc has anyone got a solution please?
  21. Szymon i realise this is an old post however i,m now at the position to try out both the Hitec and or Shoestring FCUSB to gain Autofocus . How do I go about it? Can you assist please. i,m looking at Autofocus through any free app so NINA comes to mind. image shows the shoestring however I,ve also got the Hitec unit.
  22. Does this mean that the 105 mm from the reducer to the camera focal point? Would this also take into account the travel of the Crayford, or go for 105mm ish and then use Crayford just to nail it.!
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