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  1. Well, the +10C definitely sounds nicer when I try to stargaze in February at -25C (however, for other outdoor activities cold weather with snow is nice)! The fires in Australia have been in news also here, hope they "calm down" soon! I have solid tube dob, the 8'' has proven to be nicely manageable even with me (I am only 160cm). I am hoping to get right angle finder for Christmas, at least I have given few hints (i.e. direct link to FLO website..) to my husband! =D
  2. Hi all! I already posted here some time ago when deciding on my fist telescope, and got great advice from here! I am now a happy owner of 8'' Dob! Stargazing and all related has always interested me, even though I gave up my childhood dream to become an astronaut at some point in high school (instead ended up as an aerosol physicist, having actually colleagues abroad collaborating with NASA, is that a sign or not =D). Last winter I was still observing the sky just with binoculars (which I still actually use a lot), but I finally decided to invest to an actual telescope. So far I have been able to stargaze only about 3 nights, as it is very cloudy this time of the year here in Finland. Last time I had some frost issues (secondary mirror + finderscope), most likely due to the lake (no ice yet) I was near by and having around -10 degree of Celsius.. But I have already googled some ideas how to cope with that! And I would guess it won't be that huge of an issue later on when temperatures stay below zero longer period of time. Need to dig up all my heavy-duty winter clothing though! In addition, I have had minor issues to understand how should I move the telescope as the image is upside down, and I always end up moving it right when I want to go left etc =D But I am getting there! Hoping you have clearer skies than I do!
  3. Hi again, decided to update! My 8'' Dob arrived few days ago, and I got to test it yesterday! It has been very cloudy and rainy here, so I could only see some bits of the moon for a very short time before the clouds took over, but I am impressed (and my parents too!) But in case @johninderby is around (or anyone with more experience than me..), I might have few questions. To have enough "outward" focus with the 25 mm eyepiece to get sharp images, I needed to add the drawtube extension. Is that, kind of, normal (I noticed you use it with your 10'' dob)? If it is, then my intuition says that with shorter focal length (like 10 mm) eyepieces I need to focus more inward, is that correct? I did not collimate the dob, as it looked okay for now when following the manual instructions, and for star test, well, they were hiding behind the clouds... I also noticed you had nice handle attached to the tube, which I think would help a lot. Did you just drill screw holes to the tube or how is the handle attached? Will the screw ends affect to the image, I guess they should be painted black at least? The finder was okay, but I found it slightly difficult to use as the image is also upside down. Not sure if it would be easier if I get a finder that shows the sky as it is (to first pick object by naked eye, then from the finder and so on) or if it is just matter of learning, any suggestions/thoughts?
  4. I have got a lot of useful info from here, so thanks from that! Of course, you cannot get everything to be perfect right at the start, and I am also keen on practicing and learning. I know there are also a lot of personal preferences depending on what is important and prioritized (the debate between 8'' SCT or Dob seems to be around 50-50). I measured our car trunk, and it is around 110cm wide. In principle, the 8'' dob could fit there if I place it somehow diagonally with other end of the OTA higher than the other. So needs proper support if it is safe to transport OTA that way anyway. However, it is not a problem to put it to the backseat, if necessary. I decided to go to the 8'' dobson. It seems to be much cheaper to the 8'' SCT + eq mount, considering I also need to by eyepieces etc. at some point. And what I have understood, it should be relatively easy to use "general" telescope. During assembly, it is not a problem here to leave stuff alone, so that won't be a problem. Wet grass etc. wont be a problem yet, as I planned to bring the telescope to my parents' home, where they have huge terrace and also a big dock by the lake (not floating one, but like, solid?) which I think are super practical places to start observing. Sure, it is probably not the best grab-and-go telescope due to its size, but at the current state of my life that is not something I can do (unfortunately) anyway (having kids and all).
  5. Thanks from the info again! I have now almost ordered the 8'' version of this, but just out of curiosity, could you specify any properties that are better with this telescope compared e.g. to the SkyWacher version? Not meaning I am not believing you (I am) but just out of curiosity In addition, do you have any recommendations about the eyepieces that could be good to start with? It comes with the 25mm SPL, should I get something else also right away?
  6. Thanks a lot for you all! I will dig in more to the 8'' version, also the Bresser one. SW is something I can get from Finland and with online/hands-on help if needed, but sure, maybe I could manage without the extra help! Also, if the Bresser is better anyway, I can spend the money to that instead of a larger scope. The SW 8'' collapsible was what I first thought, but at least SW-webpage I could not find it without the synscan goto. But I will definitely go to make some measurements from my car to see if the solid tube version could actually fit in to the trunk. I have watched a lot of youtube videos so I am familiar with the size of the telescopes, but I guess for me the weight is more of an issue (don't want to drop anything!). My 4 year old daughter weights about 15kg, and at least she feels easy to carry no matter which position she is
  7. Hey all, I know there are already lot of posts regarding the selection of first telescope, but I hope you still could advice me a bit further. Few things about what I am planning to do with the telescope. So I am not interested in photography, I hope to view also deep sky objects and the place I will be mostly (I live in Finland) viewing will located in a countryside (not much light pollution). Telescope, however, should fit into a normal car (should not take the whole backseat though), and I hope I would be able to carry it on my own (I am about 160cm tall, female). My maximum budget is around 1000 euros (less naturally better). At this point, after numerous internet research, I would select the Sky-Wacher Skyliner-250 Flextube (DOB 10" Collapsible, http://skywatcher.com/product/bk-dob-10-collapsible/ ), which would cost me 790 here in Finland (including shipping, 2 oculars etc.). So, what do you think? Mainly I am wondering if it is going to be too big to manage alone (won't be alone most of the time, but just in case) and as a "manual" telescope (there is the much more expensive version with synscan goto, 1430 euros) is it difficult to keep objects in the "visual field" with higher magnifications as there is no automated tracking? Hope to get faster answers here as similar forum here in Finland is not that active.
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