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  1. Stellarium, but I was not aware I needed to have stellarium open while setting up? I'm brand new, this is my first time setting up software, could you walk me through your process?
  2. Hello all. To start off, I have read a couple threads about these issues and none seem relevant to my particular issue. I have EQASCOM Toolbox open, and when I click "register" I get 2 error messages that pop up. 1. Titled: Error "Unexpected error; quitting" 2. Titled: EQASCOM_Toolbox "Success!" okay, so I go to Driver Setup and have the following parameters setup: Timeout 1000 Retry 2 Baud 9600 Port Com7 (double and triple checked) Latitude (example) N 33 22 11 Longitude (example) W 123 45 67 Guiding ST-4 all other settings are "out of the box" upon clicking "OK" I get an error titled EQMOD "Invalid Parameter" I have double checked that all of my Lat/Long information is correct and there are no periods or commas. Can someone help me out here Thanks
  3. EDIT: found another thread with this issue. Hello, Newbie here. I'm trying to get all my software in order for setting up tonight. I downloaded EQMOD and I already have ASCOM. My only option in the installed folder is "ASCOMPAD" V2.09 which looks like a small controller with some dropdowns for Focusers and Filterwheels. I can't find the EQMOD toolbox or any other programs associated with EQMOD. I downloaded from here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/eq-mod/files/ I'm running a windows 10 PC which I bought specifically for astrophotography. I normally use a Mac so detailed descriptions of what to do would be very helpful. Thanks!
  4. Hey Vacuum, Did you ever find a solution to this? I have just encountered the same problem. Downloaded ASCOM and EQMOD, seeing the same keypad that won't close unless I restart. Can't find the toolbox anywhere. Have you found a solution?
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