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  1. Hi Jon, Pardon me, but I left out the part about collection. I'm afraid I'll have to find a different seller. Cheers Toms
  2. Hello I am interested in the tripod that you are offering. what would be your asking price? Cheers Toms
  3. Hello I'd like to ask you, how heavy is the scope? Cheers Toms
  4. Hello I am looking to upgrade my EQ3-2 mount due to the increase in equipment weight. Cheers Toms
  5. Hello I am interested in the polar finder only. What would be your asking price? Clear skies Toms
  6. Hello, Does this tripod support an EQ3-2 mount? Cheers!
  7. Hello! Truly, thank you for the information and help! On the datasheet it says that the EQDrive unitrack supports gear ratios 1:1 to 1:2000 and slew speeds up to 10 degrees per second. I have not yet purchased the motors, but I am planning on buying 400 step motors for more precision. Clear nights, cheers!
  8. Hello, I have finally settled on using NEMA 17 motors. I did some research in my free time, but did not come to a clear understanding on the pulley/belt system that would fit my needs the best. What belt/pulley system do you have on your EQ3-2 mount? Cheers!
  9. Hello, I am aware that it may be quite late to ask, but is the offer still available? I am interested. Cheers, Toms.
  10. Hi, Thank you very much! I have tried setting up AstroEQ but the one I had ordered was a bit out-dated and one of the stepper motor drivers blew up. XD I will definetly look into the options I have for the stepper motors! Cheers!
  11. Hi, thanks for the warm welcome! I have the stock EQ 3-2 motor drive upgrade kit.
  12. Hello, I am currently setting up my EQDrive unitrack with my EQ 3-2 mount and upon opening the EQDrive config, I press read and stare into the abyss as I realize that I know nothing about the motor parameters and gear ratios. I'd be greatly thankful if somebody could put me on the right track.
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