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  1. Thanks for the picture! That gave us a nice idea on scale. Whats the maintenance like on the 8'' Flex Dob? If we ever make it across the ditch, you'll be the first we contact and likewise, if you ever make it over here, hopefully i'll have some idea on what i'm doing at that time. haha
  2. HAHA! not any serious backpacking, I wouldn't last . something from the campsite to the observing site. especially since we'll have my older dog with us. she's going in a backpack too lol. but I am considering those binoculars so that we both can enjoy the views at the same time.
  3. In my Amazon cart as we speak! thanks for the recommendation. the preview of it looks great too very detailed on pretty much everything!
  4. This is excellent! thank you so much! I never would have thought to check out local Astronomy clubs, I didn't think those were a thing. I HAVE to find one near me.
  5. We were heavily considering hiking to the observing site, but right now we're leaning more towards driving there, and that's only because our senior dog will be coming along for the journey and she has a difficult time getting about. I don't want to make her overexert herself, however, I did want backpack portability should I find a sitter for her, but that's not looking too good.
  6. THANKS STU! I'll most certainly be looking into a Dobsonian. Any recommendations on a good sky chart book?
  7. $600 is our budget for our first one, we are for sure going to continue with stargazing in the future but we sort of want to get the hang of things. its not often that we travel on adventures like these and he we are just ecstatic about it. Now I've never considered binoculars before, I would definitely like to get a pair for those times where we don't want to make such a long trip. Hopefully we can see something here in Chicago . GREAT IDEA! THANKS!
  8. Our budget is $600. we are thinking its a safe bet for a first time telescope. What do you think? And we definitely need to be able to transport it in a backpack or some sort of carrying case. thanks for the reply
  9. Hi! thanks for the response! I probably should have been more specific on 'portable', oops! definitely something that we can carry in a backpack. It is a dark skies area, and we are planning on using it more so for those types of areas in the future. We cant see anything even if we wanted to here in Chicago. Easy to use as in set-up and alignment, we are super beginners, I understand it may not be possible, but like I mentioned we are more than happy to learn, its an exciting process for us As of right now our budget is $600, we feel this might be a comfortable amount for a first time telescope. What do you think?
  10. Hello everyone, happy Tuesday. First time stargazer here, I'm hoping I can get some awesome feedback from you guys. my fiancé and I are planning on taking a trip to Great Basin National Park from October 25th-30th, we're trying to catch the new moon, we want to do some deep sky viewing but we're having such a hard time on knowing which kind of telescope to purchase. we do have a few must- haves on our purchase, but I wanted to see what you guys recommend and what your experiences have been. we need a telescope that is portable good for deep sky viewing reflector vs. refractor and almost, but not necessarily, easy to use (we have time to learn the ins and outs of it) I apologize if its a lot, but trying to understand the jargon, as of now, is giving me a hard time Cant wait for any responses!! p.s. anyone ever been to Great Basin? what should we expect on our trip? its our first time going and first time doing any serious camping!!! THANKS A BUNCH!!! -LILY
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