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  1. To be paid through Paypal and sent to Portugal
  2. ... I must admit, the Nagler 22mm would just fit perfectly ...
  3. TS-Optics Expanse/Astro Tech AT70 22 mm unfortunately has a flange which seems a little too short to mount the Dioptrx:....
  4. Thanks for the answers. The Vixen LVW has two problems: - there isn't any for sale anywhere, and I've been looking for a while now, who has the luck to own one won't sell it. - it's very close to the Morpheus 17.5 with TrueFOV 1.19deg to 1.11 and 54x Mag to 69x The Nagler 4/22 is a whole different story, TFOV 1.49deg, that's right in the middle between the Aspheric and the Morpheus 17.5, but this one is clearly outside of what I'm able to spend on a single eyepiece. Doesn't seem to show up often second hand either... The AF/FMC 22/70 looks interesting, its TFOV of 1.29deg is much closer to the 1.3 of the ES24/68. I'll have a closer look at that one. The ES24/68 remains the only one with the mathematically right exit pupil.
  5. I have a gap to fill between my Baader aspheric 31, (giving slightly too much exit pupil for my 58 year old eyes (5.25) as it produces a quite bright image) and the next one up, the Morpheus 17.5. I'm looking for some 4.0 exit pupil which would be something around 24mm/68. It needs to be Dioptrx compatible, like the ES 24/68 or the 24mm Hyperion. The latter isn't good at F6 and the first seems to have an eye relief just at the limit. I've been searching a lot on SGL and on CN and it seems that a wide angle 24 mm eyepiece with really sufficient eye relief to mount a Dioptrx still needs to be designed. I was wondering if any of the eyepiece market insiders has any idea if Baader could be working on some extension to the Morpheus line, like 22-26 mm.
  6. ... looks like the ES 24/68 is simply "too good to get rid of"...
  7. Hi Patrick, how much would it then cost incl. shipping to PT? (Your original price includes shipping to the UK)
  8. Hello everybody, I have a gap to fill between my Aspheric 31 and the Morpheus 17.5, and, after a lot of reading, I found out that the only really good and Dioptrx-compatible wide 24mm eyepiece seems to be the Explore Scientific 24mm 68°. Alternative suggestions are welcome too. I pay trough Paypal and would need it sent to Portugal. Clear skies Emmanuel
  9. 150mm aperture for faint DSO? hmmm... How are your skies? Light pollution? Feels you might have purchased the wrong scope for this task in the first place... The classic 8" dob without goto would probably have been a better choice.
  10. Download Stellarium and check which directions are the most interesting for your observing needs.
  11. The two holes are used to un/tighten the adapter with the following tool: https://www.rothervalleyoptics.co.uk/rvo-eyepiece-maintenance-tool.html
  12. No response - last user action was on July 27 This thread seems dead...
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