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  1. Ah I forgot about the coatings, thanks for the help
  2. Thanks for the replies, I cant imagine it being THAT sensitive that the filter just touching the lens would scratch the glass, are they really that fragile? I thought regular low strength steel/aluminium is softer than glass. ( obviously steel is stronger, but using Rockwell scale of hardness)
  3. Hello, I was wondering if I could use a 1.25 inch UHC filter on a 2 inch eyepiece by putting on top of the part you look through on the eyepiece, 1.25 inch would cover all of it I think. I heard you could do this with moon filters so I was wondering if it could work like this?
  4. I looked at NGC 6826 a few weeks ago (cant remember if there was a moon) it looked grey to me but the central star was obvious
  5. Hi, I've an 8 inch skywatcher dobsonian and Its been a great tool, Hercules globular and ring nebula etc look amazing compared to my old 114mm. Now I'm wondering what DSOs would show colour/structure in an 8 inch. I tried NGC 7662 blue snowball and it looked a bit blue, what have you seen colour in? Galaxies with structure would also be cool, I heard Needle galaxy shows a dust lane. I live in bortle 3 in Ireland
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