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  1. It is. I started out with a Celestron Evolution 9.25 (once making money, started the hobby with a tabletop dob). When I realized that I wanted to photograph more I tried to sell it in order to start again with an EQ. Sweden is a small market so when I got the offer to trade it for this mount I didn't pass (the mount is worth more than the setup I had anyway ). With such a beast I could go "cheaper" on the scope and sacrifice weight for price, i.e. a big reflector. I'm super happy with it, the stability and tracking accuracy can't be compared to the Nexstar Evolution. Nice to not have to
  2. Thanks! Yes I have a Losmandy GM811G, beast of a mount.
  3. Thanks. Yes it's on a Losmandy GM811G, so stable tracking for 32s (no guiding needed).
  4. Posting my M42 here as well, since it is still a DSO regardless of quality. Full information (read backstory) can be found in the Smartphone/Tablets section. Scope: GSO 10" f/4 Newtonian, with Explore Scientific HR coma corrector (giving f/4.24). Camera: Xiaomi Mi Note 10. Held with my new TS smartphone adapter. Eyepiece: APM XWA 20 mm, with Astronomik UHC filter (1.25" so some vignetting). Frames: 47*32sec lights, no calibration frames(!). Software: Shot with Deepskycamera (ISO 600). Stacked in DSS, edited in Photoshop.
  5. Link to a site, moved here after edits. http://astronet.se/view_image.php?id=6398&gallery=5
  6. First time getting the scope out since the planets in the summer (kids + three shift work + weather).. Took the scope out on Christmas day evening to show the family. Snuck in a short session on Orion nebula (M42). Moon phase was waxing gibbous 84% illuminated. Scope: GSO 10" f/4 Newtonian, with Explore Scientific HR coma corrector (giving f/4.24). Camera: Xiaomi Mi Note 10. Held with my new TS smartphone adapter. Eyepiece: APM XWA 20 mm, with Astronomik UHC filter (1.25" so some vignetting). Frames: 47*32sec lights, no calibration frames(!). Software: Shot with Deeps
  7. I have yet to give it a go.. The 13 mm has been continuously delayed, from 2 days when I ordered in October, to late January as of now (will probably be further delayed)... Tomorrow is looking to be the first clear night (with me not working), so if all goes well I will finally have looked through it within the next 48 hours! Would be cool to try it against an Ethos at a star party sometime in the future.
  8. Nice! I just sold my 82s as well and have two 100s (20 and 13mm) in shipping to me :). I did however go for the cheaper APM XWA version. We'll see how they do in my f/4.24 (an f/4 with a CC that lives in the focuser).
  9. Okay. Well wherever you buy it from, here are the suggestions that I would look into more (which you already seem to have read up on based on your initial choices - good!). All are highly regarded even for faster scopes and will be even better at f10. At 24mm the Panoptic is probably the best choice (it's great). If you're feeling more premium ($$$) you can increase the afov staying with TeleVue. Either 22mm Nagler (T4, 82°) or 21mm Ethos (100°). 9 and 14mm: For these two I would personally go the "cheaper" route since reviews show that they compete with the best at shorter focal le
  10. I think either would be good. On one hand the 9 maybe wouldn't be "Barlowed" as often as the 11, but on the other hand the 11 can be replaced by the 24 with 2x, and the 9 by itself will be used a lot for planetary. The 40 will be used every time for initial wide field view, and even more use at darker skies (in light pollution the large exit pupil will suffer, background will be bright). For the larger nebulae. The 14 will be used for some DSOs and some solar system stuff. The 9 mainly solar system. For DSO the 24 is probably going to be the most used, it's in the magic region of 2
  11. In my personal experience (with my C9.25 and now 10" Newt), up to around 300x is "worth having". As in, it isn't too rare that the seeing is good enough for that type of magnification. Meaning for the C8edge that would be around 7mm, so a 9mm would definitely get some use. That's also why I wrote above "perhaps a Barlow", it would maybe only see use with the 13mm (6.5mm) and thus perhaps not be used enough to justify the buy. (If you're also getting the zoom, you have an extra eyepiece that can cram out that last mm should it be needed.)
  12. Wider isn't necessarily better per se, but it's more immersive for sure! Don't know what your favorite object might be, just picked Orion Nebula. Here's an example of what you'd get with the ES68 40mm and a set of 20/13/9mm of the APM/Lunt/TS/WO XWA, Stellarvue Optimus, or Skywatcher Myriad (all 6 are the same optically, just different branding). That would be a nice set according to me. Then perhaps a Barlow to get 6.5/4.5mm from the 13/9mm, but those magnifications and exit pupils would require excellent seeing conditions (maybe even forget trying 4.5).
  13. Here's an active thread from CN for a C9.25 (so can be applicable). I like the suggestions from Don Pensack (Starman1) at post #17. He's also active on this site and has tons of experience (runs an eyepiece shop in the US) https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/732486-c925-suggested-eyepieces/ As a side note /comparison with that post. I just ordered the APM XWA 20mm and 13mm for my f/4 Newt (much harder on the eyepiece).
  14. I hear you about the zoom. I started out with just a zoom and have since built up a collection of fixed focal lengths. The zoom has been kept nonetheless and still gets use when observing (showing) with friends and family! Just to clear up some issues: you listed a 1.25" Barlow so won't be usable with the 2" eyepieces. Also at those focal lengths you'd have to look at focal extenders (Powermate if TeleVue) to avoid vignetting. But okay, before we continue with suggestions, give us some more background. Viewing with glasses, i.e. need long eye relief? Tried various d
  15. Overall fine choices! The Baader zoom is 1.25", it's just that a 2" skirt is included which can be screwed on to be able to use with 2" focusers/diagonals. I would say though that you're covering all those focal lengths already so might be an unnecessary expense to get the zoom. Unless you have the money and want to use it for shorter sessions where you don't want to be swapping eyepieces. The weak link otherwise is the ES62° 32mm. If I recall correctly the 62 series is the weakest of the ES, and the tfov will be quite close to the 24mm panoptic. Since you're get
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