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  1. Hi I just wanted to ask if your unbranded Lithium Power bank lived up to expectations? I am wondering if it's the way to go instead of dropping 100 notes for a celestron one... it's to power the AZ GTI mount I have Thanks
  2. Thanks for the replies people. I am pretty clueless and struggle with the SW RDF, so I thought a 9x50 finderscope would help me a bit more. The Skymax 127 will be mounted on a GOTO GTI stand so I only really need this to find alignment stars (told you I was clueless!) I thought if I got a 9x50 SW RACI and kept the RDF as well it would be belt & braces I will see if I can make sense of all this. Regarding Telrads/Rigels am I correct in thinking they are of no use to me on a GOTO for this purpose, as I understand they are used for star-hopping using charts?
  3. Hi sorry to resurrect an old post but I just wanted to ask how you mounted the RDF onto the finder? I am a newbie - I just wanted to know what the stand/base is that the RDF is sitting on? I'm assuming the RDF is a SW one , is the base thing also SW? And can you confirm that you have used cable ties to attach the base thingy to the finderscope? Thank you
  4. Hi Mark, I know this is an old post but I was impressed with your mods. I am totally hopeless as DIY, but wanted to ask how you got hold of the Bob's knobs for the secondary mirror? Are they from the Bob's Knobs website in America or are they standard thumb screws? If so what size and where can I get them from? One other question, where did you get the shroud material from? Thank you
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