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  1. Thanks! The Bresser Mon2 seems to be it. Appreciate the help guys.
  2. Yes I looked at some of the more well known mounts from Skywatcher, Celestron, Vixen and Bresser but none seem to match this one exactly. Not sure about mods as I inherited it from my late uncle without being told anything about it. It seems to be quite old though, possibly a predecessor to the Celestron or Skywatcher mounts?
  3. Hi all, Brand new member here looking for some advice on this mount I just inherited from a relative. So I don't know much more than the basics of how equatorial mounts work and I was wondering if anyone could tell me the brand/model of the mount I have here. Just so I can do a bit of research and maybe download a manual from the manufacturer if available. I might also want to sell it if I end up not using it enough and I'd like to have at least a name if I list it somewhere. Thanks in advance!
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