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  1. Here is the link to instructions if you want to try... https://www.qhyccd.com/index.php?m=content&c=index&a=show&catid=30&id=223
  2. Just to answer an earlier question regarding Polemaster, there is a way to get it to work on Astroberry and with a desktop icon too, as it’s been done in the latest Stellarmate version which is also now raspbian based..... can get it to work on AB but only from command line, I can’t get a desktop icon or menu item to work..
  3. Welcome to the club.... you are right it is superb, and a real “all in one solution” I have used many packages and this Beats them all hands down....and best of all the software is completely free, just the cost of the Raspberry PI, Micro SD Card and a case... so about £50.. bargain...
  4. Ok, so my mount is sealed under a Telegizmo 365 cover with a dew band around running from 12v and on all the time, it keeps the temp under there approx 5-6 degrees above ambient.. it’s airtight under the cover. Also I have a dessicant pack, one of the ones that you plug in to re charge when saturated, in my case about once a month... no we know that humidity rises when air gets cold and lowers when air warm us, that much is fact, so can someone please explain these two graphs, one is from a Bluetooth sensor outside and the other from under the mount cover, as you see the outside one
  5. These have been around for a while, William Optics have one the same, they are a Chinese make and just rebranded....
  6. Can’t you just get it milled out a tad at a metalwork shop somewhere, it maybe much cheaper than a new adapter plate...?
  7. Can I ask why you don’t power your mount from the UPB...? Am curious
  8. I now leave mu EQ8 under a 365 TG cover (being replaced but that’s another story..) also I use a wardrobe dessicant dehumidifier and a SCT dew strap, around the centre of the mount, the dew strap keep the temp 5 degrees above ambient, and I also have a mini Temp, humidity and dew point sensor under there that works with an app on my phone, and the humidity ranges from 40% to 75% but never gone above that. But I guess you already know that humidity is temp driven, lower temp means higher humidity and vice versa, as cold air can’t hold as much moisture as warm air, so you need to keep the temp
  9. Hello, would you consider selling the bracket on its own..? If so please let me know...
  10. Am in touch with Bob now, and he says it is faulty and seems to be on the ball with getting it sorted..
  11. Well, I can’t even get a reply back from retailer, so will contact TG direct again....
  12. Well this is the issue with mine... as you can see the stitching has “missed” the material, gone offline and just left holes...Hence water penetration... also light can be seen all round the seam, but some places it’s very bright as if the holes are bigger... But not purchased from you, I might add..
  13. That’s exactly what I used... it’s perfect....
  14. It’s not a big metal object buried in the ground, it’s sitting on concrete that is in the ground, it’s a different thing...
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