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  1. I'd never need to spend another penny on a book Thanx
  2. i had no one to teach me or books or star-maps or local clubs no internet until i bought a GOTO scope i had no idea a great learning tool
  3. Hi All Been Interested in all Things Above From An Early Age Ever Since I Seen a Partial Eclipse Back In The 80s And The Most unforgettable Image Of The Comet Hale Bopp 97 Burnt in The Back Of My Brain in 2000 I Got My First Scope From Argos if My Memory Serves Me Right It Was a Bushnell 6inch Reflector EQ Rubbish Mount Cheap Eyepiece's That Cost Me An Arm And Leg But It Served It's Purpose For About 5 Years Had A Bit Of Break From The Cold Lonely Nights And In 2008 I Purchased An Celestron 6SE :hello2:Way Better Than My First Purchase And Also Cost Me A Small Fortune And In 2009 i Pu
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