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  1. Oooh, I will definitely look into AutoStakkert! Thank you very much, Craig! Thanks!
  2. Oh, thank you for that, @CraigT82. What else can AutoStakkert do? What's the advantages of it over using my current methods? Thanks!
  3. Hello, I've recently taken some videos of Saturn and I'm now about to process them. However, within the few minutes I was observing Saturn it has rotated a fair bit. Now when I go to stack the frames, things don't line up because of the rotation. Is there any program that can possibly undo this rotation? I'm using PIPP, VirtualDub, RegiStax and GIMP. PIPP to centre the image, VirtualDub to combine the videos and remove bad frames, Registax to stack and do the wavelets, then GIMP to do the finishing touches. I bet there is a button or setting somewhere in one of them that will do exactly what I want. Thanks in advance!
  4. That's awesome, thank you very much, @MarsG76! To clarify, you had the fans blowing air at the back of the mirror, and it would go up through the tube? Air is being blown towards the mirror? Thank you again!
  5. @MarsG76, could you please explain your setup with the fans? This sounds like it could work for me. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for all your advice, guys! I will double check the collimation. Good suggestion, @Ben the Ignorant. What is the neodymium filter about, @Philip R? Thanks!
  7. Thanks for all this great advice! Next clear night I will try out your suggestions! Are there any good or recommended neutral filters, dwdeller25? I'm a bit new to the whole filter game. Side thought, would a simple Moon filter suffice? Thanks again
  8. Thanks to everyone, NGC1502, it isn't my image. I just got the first image of Jupiter I found on the web and overlaid a fuzz over it to replicate what I am seeing. Usually on a good night I can just make out the main bands. If I was seeing that level of resolution, I would be over the Moon! Riochet and Alan Potts, if it is dew forming on the mirror or eyepiece, how can I remove/prevent it? My scope is a 12" dob, I didn't think dobs were as likely to get dew issues compared to other scopes, like SCT. Thanks guys
  9. Hey, I'm having troubles getting bright images to be in crisp focus. I have a 12" and when I look at bright things like Jupiter or Saturn there appears to be almost a double image, like a blurry mask, that is preventing me from achieving great focus. For example, the other night I was looking at Jupiter and I could not resolve the bands clearly because of this is extra bit of light ruining the image. It's like there a thin layer of fog or cloud refracting some extra, unwanted light. I'm sure my issue is that my scope isn't collimated well, but I collimated it the other week so I'm not sure. Any thoughts? Below is an image of what I have been experiencing. I do not take credit for the image. It is demonstrating the hazey image I usually see. Thank you for any help or advice!
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