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  1. That makes sense, but as long as you choose objects wisely (low to the east or west) and keep each of your exposures short enough, field rotation during a frame will be small enough not to matter, but the field rotation will make sure that your first frame is significantly different than the last?
  2. I might have misunderstood something, but isnt the point of dithering to avoid that the same spot on the sensor lines up with the same spot on the object on all subframes? If that is correct, field rotation should take care of that on an alt-az mount?
  3. It truly is. I always travel with it, and I have everything I need in small backpack, + the tripod. One trip out to the car, and one trip out to the site. Setting up, leveling and lining up is done in a few minutes as you say. Love it. And the az-gti is surprisingly precise. Ive managed 60 sec exposures (unguidet) without trailing. Next season I’ll try to push it even further.
  4. Good to know! I also have a 600D with a 72mm refractor on the Az-gti, and has just gotten my hands on a reducer/flattener, and can’t wait to try i out. Im really surprised how well such a setup works out!
  5. Is it a reducer/flattener you have there? How is it working out for you?
  6. Only 60 sec in the cem26? That is a shame, I was looking at either that or the gem 28, but I was hoping for at least a couple of minutes..
  7. My very first attempt other than iPhone pictures. Only 12 minutes, not quite in focus I think, and some not-so-round stars, but I am pleased anyway. Taken with a 600D, attached to a TS-Optics 72/432 doublet on a AZ-GTI. 24x 30s lights, and 11 dark and 11 bias frames. ISO 800.
  8. I've been a visual observer up until now, but I figured I might as well try to connect my Canon 600D to my scope, just for the fun of it. First I planned on just buying a cheap T-ring and adaptor from FLO (T-ring and Nosepiece-adapter). But then I noticed that my 72mm has m63 threads (Scope). I tried googling for t-ring to m63 adapter, but quickly got lost in the thread/adapter jungle. I would assume that connecting the DSLR to the scope with threads would be better than using a nosepiece-adaptor? Or is a normal 2" eyepiece holder more than good enough?
  9. Hi there! Are you still happy with the upgrade? No sign of any dust, dirt og moisture getting into the mount head since it is more exposed?
  10. The 60 days is worst case scenario I think. I ordered it from FLO when it was in stock, but the day before it said 40-60 days. They probably receive shipments all the time. You might get lucky; one might arrive tomorrow!
  11. I've also bought one recently, and it was up and running without any issues within 5 min.
  12. I've just received the Zero mount, and I have the same 72mm as you I think. I found it surprisingly hard too balance such a light scope. Sure, it's heavy at the back, but with a barlow, baader zoom and an Iphone in a phone bracket it was impossible to balance it. I tightend the alt locking nut as much as i dared, but the scope still fell backwards..
  13. Thanks alot! You saved me some money with your test. I’ll still get the Zero and a Berlebach I think, I’ll just forget about c6, c8 and mak 150 for the moment
  14. Did you get to try it out this weekend? Im feeling a light touch of aperture fever, thinking that if it can handle a mak 150, surely a c8 is not out of the question..
  15. Yeah, but 4 times as heavy The Report 212 is a better fit for me, but a carbon fiber tripod is tempting, IF the capacity is correct, which I somewhat doubt..
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