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  1. I have tried everything that I can think of, but just do not seem to be able to view anything, I have also "found" all 3 episodes on you tube, but as usual unable to view or download them even with using a vpn.
  2. Hi Rich, welcome to SGL from a fellow Sheffielder great image, looking forward to seeing more from you.
  3. I think you have done what anyone else would do, research will show only certain components needed for the job, only certain components available on the bay, conclusion: most will end up with a similar result. Anything put on the web is free game as far as I'm concerned, if you don't want anyone to admire/copy/learn from what you have done, don't put it on the web! Great bit of time lapse footage, good detail, you should be very happy with a great job completed. These are all my own views not copied from anywhere else.
  4. Sorry unable to help, most on this forum are UK based, there are some from the rest of the world including the US, not sure if there is anyone near to you, you might get better local information from a local society or group, or maybe a US forum. If you need Information about equipment & advice, this forum is great, but think you need local info.
  5. Sorry to hear that you have that 24hr bug coming, you better stay away from work, don't want to pass that around.
  6. Hi Darren, I would rewind a bit, take stock of what you need, not what you want, as that list is rather long lol. I would always take a smaller & easier to set up mount & scope that you could use most nights at the drop of a hat, over a larger bulker, 2 parter that will need collimating every time you move it from inside to out, that needs advance planning. Its kind of like after the time it takes to move & set up, if you have to put it back together (collimate) you them have to wait for it to cool, would you still be bothered to then watch for 4 hours or so & then do the
  7. Welcome to SGL, Plenty of good advice already given, and your mount has to be the best you can afford, the other items including scope etc, you can mess with, but without a good solid and I mean solid, fully track-able scope you can not do a thing. Anything less than HEQ5 and you will wasting your money & loose interest quickly, 2nd hand is fine, 99% of astronomers do really look after their kit in my experience, but buy from an astronomer not ebay would be my only advice. Hope all works out for you. Andrew
  8. Hi, tbh that view is just like what I normally see, so not sure what was expected, the atmospheric conditions can play havoc with Jupiter, it is normally better higher in the sky, but I am sure you already know these things. Sorry can not be of more help. Andrew
  9. None now days.. maybe a sign of the times I guess.
  10. I sincerely hope you was wrong! How could I have missed it! now I have to wait another year.........
  11. Welcome to SGL Kreed, take a look around here, there is so much information and help, you just have to ask. Download yourself a free copy of Stellarium from Here and take a look if there a local group close to you here then just remember you have the whole sky to look at. Cheers Andrew
  12. Great video Paul (DrD) I remember watching it live that night, It shows what can be achieved in light polluted area by this means, you have put on good show each time. Thanks Andrew
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